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Now we take a look at the best moments from what is often considered the best Star Wars movie. It may not be my favorite but it does have amazing moments throughout the movie. This list was a bit harder to narrow down but I am happy with my choices. Just to confirm, this list can range from small moments to entire scenes. Okay let's begin!

5. Enter Lando!

This movie introduces my second favorite Star Wars character of all time: Lando Calrissian! Oh yeah, I love this guy. Cool, suave, and a badass. At first you think he's going to be an antagonist because of his "betrayal" but he soon redeems himself throughout the last act. Only problem I have with him...

Why the hell is he wearing Han's clothes at the end? I don't know why but it bothers me.

4. The Freezing of Han Solo

Let's be honest, when we were kids we all thought Han was dead at first until Vader confirmed he was frozen. Before that, this entire scene is emotionally powerful. Leia finally confesses her love for Han, Chewbacca is incredibly sad and Han has to calm him down, and the beautiful music makes you genuinely sad. Once again showing that Empire is one depressing film.

3. The Escape from the Wampa Cave

Up until this point, we only saw Luke barely use the lightsaber and he only used the Force once to shoot torpedoes into the Death Star so no one expected Luke to pull off the most epic escape by pulling his lightsaber out of the snow, cut himself down, and severing the Wampa's arm off like a boss. What else can I say but...awesome!

2. The Battle of Hoth

I really tried my hardest to find a single moment from this battle to put on this list but I decided to say, "Screw it. Let's put the entire battle here." Because yeah, this entire battle makes the Trench Run look like child's play. From the incredibly awesome and/or goofy looking AT-ATs depending on your point of view, the amazing snowspeeders, and the incredibly filmed scenes I can't leave this off the list. Plus its a snowy environment, that's just icing on the top of the cake there.

1. Yoda Raising the X-Wing

Not only did this movie introduce us to Lando, but it introduced us to our favorite green and wise muppet: Yoda. And by far my favorite thing to occur in this movie is the glorious scene where Yoda basically owns Luke by showing that, in his words, "Size matters not." And he raises an entire X-Wing out of the swamp to stable ground. The great acting of Mark Hamill combined with one of John WIlliams' best pieces in the entire trilogy just make this scene perfect. Good job Irvin Kershner!

So that's another list down, tomorrow we will be tackling another second film in a trilogy that is not so well loved...

God help me...

Anyway! Hope you all enjoyed this list and if you have your own favorite moments, let me know what they are! Until next time, may the Force be with you!


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