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Opening in March, the full kickoff of the DC Comics shared cinematic universe is going to do monster business. Batman is a billion dollar brand, having topped that box office high-bar twice in a row with his last two films. Putting him alongside other superheroes seems like an easy bet for continuing that trend. Superman himself rebooted to the tune of $668 million in 2013′s Man of Steel, a figure restrained by the previous Superman reboot/revival’s relatively tepid response and fine but not spectacular $391 million. However, keep in mind that $668 million is what “slight underperforming” looks like to the last son of Krypton, and that we not only have the added value of Batman but also the first-ever big screen Wonder Woman and Aquaman showing up, not to mention probably a Flash cameo and Cyborg in the mix.

This is easily the most anticipated movie of 2016 with an unbelievable level of hype. And it has a killer release date. So my prediction for this tentpole is:

Domestic: $505 Million

At domestic box office this movie is going to explode in a big way. As we can see opening weekend in the range of 150 - 180 million. It do have the potential to score the opening weekend record, had it would been a summer release where kids are out of school and movies of this size are generally front loaded. 450 million is a given for this movie and if turned out to be great then even 600 million is in the range. So i decided to go the midway.

Foreign: $930 Million

Foreign box office receipts will be of the same level of Avengers.It can go upwards if it goes nuts in China as Furious 7 did this year.And japan is also a wildcard even avengers don't connect their in a big way.So warner bros has to build up awareness and anticipation in these two markets especially to make a run for billion mark overseas.


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