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When we think of Batman, what do we truly think about? We think about a brooding hero who uses his mind and his logic to beat any situation. We think of someone who will not ever take a life, but will reach into his very soul to save everyone. We think of someone who doesn't trust people but will go out of his way to earn their trust. Plus, we think about a rogues gallery of characters that will stop at nothing to ensure that he is defeated. But, the newest arc that Snyder has delivered to us establishes the fact that the Batman is not really a man but is actually a symbol that everyone holds onto when hope is gone. Anyone can be Batman. But, can anyone actually be "The Batman"?

For months, Gordan has been having issues with a new member of the Rogues gallery known as Mr. Bloom, while Bruce Wayne establishes a new life for himself as a normal human being who is doing everything in his power to bring happiness to others. But, as we learn in this issue, everything must run full circle as we begin to get a sense of closure to the stories that Snyder has been giving us. With Batman #50 only 3 months away, we got to assume that Bruce will be donning the cowl again by that point. Superheavy still has a few issues left but you can feel it all building towards an explosive ending. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have made me a fan of Jim Gordon as Batman. Along with Jim, we're really seeing Duke Thomas fleshed out into a great character and you can't help but be intrigued as Bruce Wayne tries to figure out what's going on. The creative team on this continues to maintain its hot streak. But, when we really feel that Snyder can't give us any more suspense, we are given the final page of this issue that makes us question what could possibly happen next. Sure, we still have the mystery of the identity of Mr. Bloom, which is a mystery that has no possibility of being as eventful as we are led to believe(after all, who could it honestly be that will make us go "holy sh*t" when we discover it). This entire arc will be one to remember. Whatever happens in Batman in the days after Snyder and Capullo, one things for sure, whomever picks up that gauntlet is going to have some damn heavy boots to fill. I give this issue a 8 out of 10.


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