ByLakkaraju Ashok Kumar, writer at

The most Excited superhero T.V. serial ever. When compared with Superman and Batman, this superhero is not so perfect. Like from many years we have observed Superman being an "Alien" is without any weakness (except of that krypton shards) nothing can harm him. Batman-an ordinary man who suits up to fight crime to keep his city clean is also without any weakness. The main reason for batman being perfect is because-whenever he is in trouble Avengers come together and solve the case. But this serial, is a whole new level of excitement. Barry being a common layman team's up with several persons and goes on picking up Meta's. This serial is a collection of all the emotions. Fantasy, Adventure, Drama, Romance, Love . ...all the entire mixture is present in this serial. One more thing to be observed here are ....the graphics, it is never easy to show all the powers of Meta in such a great way. But, the director has made this look too easy. With Flash running all over the central city, it is never easy to show the sparkling around him. This show is a kickass. Twist is almost Seen in all the seasons. Character's play a great role in this show.

If you are a beginner or a stranger of watching movies my simple suggestion would be DON'T MISS IT!!!;);)


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