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Peter Parker has gone global. He has become the new Tony Stark and is a huge asset to the world of SHIELD. But, in doing so, he has made a number of new enemies. Plus, he also has been forced to make a number of new responsibilities. But, as any good hero knows, it doesn't matter how many things that you have to do, cause saving the world always comes first. Well, Spider-man has never been a hero that should be in charge of saving the entire world. Give him a few city blocks, and he'll be happy.

Dan Slott once again shows us what he can accomplish with a hero of Spider-mans caliber. But, as we saw in the third volume of Amazing Spider-man, it didn't really matter what he wanted to do, cause if the writing of the books fails, then the comic fails also. This entire volume of Amazing Spider-man is so far looking like it's been written by 4 different writers. In the first issue, we got a spy thriller that showed us what the new Spider-man comics would look like. In the second issue, we got a comedy of errors involving the newest foes of Spidey known as the Zodiac. In the third issue, we saw that the Zodiac are not really just a bunch of idiots but are actually a ruthless organization that will kill their own members to get to a goal. But, in the fourth issue, Dan Slott drops everything to give us a comic where Spidey does what he always used to do. he drops everything to go and save his Aunt. It's a tired and true formula that works 90% of the time, and again in this issue it does work again. The scenes between Aunt May and Spidey again bring a smile to the fans who have sat through Spider-man for years. But, it's everything else about the comic that hurts the overall series. Now, we have SHIELD accepting defeat because Spider-man isn't there to help them. Did I miss an issue where Spidey became a giant asset to SHIElD, cause last I checked, he has never been a member of that team and has barely even teamed up with them. Now, we have Zodiac again looking like fools who feel the only way to win these battles is to ensure that Spidey loses the trust of SHIELD. See above statement for why that makes no sense. We have Peter going at mach 3 to go and save Aunt May in a super speed jet. Yet, Mockingbird was able to get there in 5 extra minutes by flying with her wings. I don't even wanna go near that statement. Then, we have Spidey needing the help of a 8 year old to defeat the Goblin gang(who he can defeat easily in past issues). For all the pros of the issue, we got cons that just make me shake my head. Amazing Spider-Man #4 might feature the most true-to-form Peter Parker tale of the new status quo, but the repetitive nature of the narrative is becoming wearisome and the book lacks some of the tech-inspired visual appeal of its predecessors. I can only give this issue a 5 out of 10(it would have been just a 4, but I love that Alex Ross cover).


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