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The introduction of Earth-2 on The Flash has been the occasion to toy with our favorite characters. We already saw doppelgangers of Harrison Wells and Linda Park and thus, many asked if we'll get to see Barry's alternate version.

Back during the season 1 finale we saw into the speed-force a glimpse at a future version of Barry in jail. While many assumed that it was his Earth-2 counterpart, a series of set photos may contradict this theory.

As you can see this is not Barry's usual look. We have here a well-groomed Barry Allen, with an old-looking suit, round glasses and what seems to be a bow-tie. This is definitely not a prisoner uniform and this dress seems to fit with what we've seen of Earth-2 so far.

Here's some other shots, including Carlos Valdes and Tom Cavanagh, published by

If you look closely at the first picture you can see that the police officer's uniform also looks a little old-school and nothing like an uniform from Earth-1.

However, it was stated that our heroes would ultimately travel to Earth-2. Meaning, it could very well be "our" Barry trying to blend in while chasing the evil speedster Zoom. At that stage nothing is certain and those photos only raise more questions before the return of the show.

The Flash returns January 19th on The CW.


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