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The end is here. Doom has won. We are all just puppets in his world, but, is he truly the villain of this story? Sure, he saved the lives of thousands of people and helped create the only planet that survived all the incursions. But, in doing so he has also created his own dynasty and is forcing those people to live in a world of his choosing. When the world seems to fall apart, he just needs to wave his hand and all is right with the world again. But now, due to actions that he never suspected would occur, those changes will not be made. Now, we are about to witness the end of the world that Doom has created, and see how it all relates to the "All New, All Different Marvel universe".

Yes, there is still some life in Secret Wars. Even though a number of people have left this comic series due to all the delays that it has suffered, Hickman and Ribic again display that they can surprise a number of people. It's a shame that we know that most of the actions that happen in this series will be reversed and nobody will remember it ever taking place, but, getting to that point has been one hell of a ride. The whole series is about Doom, and how he sees himself in the world. He is an inferior human with self-esteem issues that feels that he must force people to worship him. But, no matter how hard he tried, and no matter how much power he has, he will never be able to fix his own interior problems. Secret Wars #8 is about as big as an event comic can be. Sure, most of the rest of the Marvel Universe has moved on past Secret Wars but when you view some of the events of this comic you can't help but be blown away. We get all the battles that we have been waiting for and with those battles come a number of deaths that we were shocked by. The ending again shows us that there is alot left that Hickman will deliver to us in the final issue of this event. It's a shame that the scheduling for this series has been so poor, because it did destroy alot of the momentum that it had. But, when people read the entire series as a graphic novel, they'll see just how brilliant it all has been. Its hard to tell if any of this would be a problem if the series had stuck to its monthly schedule and avoided long and frequent delays. When we get one issue of Secret Wars every couple months, maybe we hold it up to more scrutiny. The writing and the art are still for the most part fantastic (no pun intended), and I still believe in the future this event will be looked back upon very favourably when judged as a whole and not by its individual parts. I just hope we don't get even more delays so we can finally see how this epic ends in 6 weeks. I give this issue a 8 out of 10.


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