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In the 1989 film, Back to the Future Part II, we saw a self-drying jacket, which we saw dry itself instantly after Marty hit a button on the coat. This took place on October 21, 2015 and recently, many technological advances have been made for 2015 to suit the futuristic depiction of the film. One of them may very well be the self-drying jacket.

It's called the SDJ-01 and is from Faylon Wearables. It will dry your coat in 30 seconds once you press a button on the coat. The battery weighs about as much as an iPhone 6, can be recharged, and is good for 30 minutes of drying (until you recharge it).

Along with the drying feature, the jacket has a smartphone pocket, a tablet pocket, and four utility packets for putting sports almanacs into...or whatever you carry around.

You can fund the project on Kickstarter here and you can watch a demo video for the jacket here:

The actual jacket Michael J. Fox wore in the film is being auctioned today (December 10, 2015) right here. Just click the word "here".

What do you think? Will you buy the SDJ-01?


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