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So besides flight, super strength, and whatever the heck has kept Batman alive for so long (intelligence just doesn't cover it!), what's the one power everyone wishes that they had. That's right, super speed! With super speed, we could do practically anything.

Woke up late and missed the school bus? No problem! Just run there, you'll make it with time to spare! Is your favorite band having a concert in an entirely different country? Just run across the ocean and make it in time to see them, then run back home in time for bed!

Of course, another great thing to do when you can run faster than the speed of light is save the day. As the superheroes Flash and Quicksilver show, saving the day and fighting crime is a lot easier to do when you're so fast that the naked eye can't see you!

But even super fast superheroes need a break from time to time. They need some time to unwind and relax, and get away from all the crime fighting and saving kittens from trees. And what's a better way to relax than a fast-paced, citywide battle to the death? I know, absolutely nothing!

Ever since their respective debuts, people have been pitting The Flash and Quicksilver against each other! After all, seeing two speedsters fight to determine who's the greatest (and the fastest) is the coolest thing you could possible see in life!

But who is the greatest? Who is the fastest speedster of all time? The answer is no longer a mystery, thanks to an awesome fan-made video! The video, made by YouTubers Ismahawk, pits the two speedsters against each other in an epic no-holds-barred death battle! So, who will win? The Scarlet Speedster, or the Blue and White Blur? Find out by checking the video out below:

So now that we FINALLY know the answer to life's biggest question – who could win in a fight between two speedsters – it's time to talk to said speedsters! Well, the guys portraying the speedsters at least.

I got to ask Danny Shepherd (Quicksilver) and Noel Schefflin (Flash) from Ismahawk a few questions about this 'Minute Match-Up'! You can check out the questions, and their answers below!

Q: First off, I love the match-up of Flash and Quicksilver, two of the fastest characters ever! What made you guys decide to match these two up for your latest video?

Danny: Thanks dude! Well, it’s a match no one has really seen before in live-action. We love both the characters and we thought it’d be a great challenge for us! It was also our most consistently requested match up! So we try to give the people what they want!

Noel: For the exact reason you just said - two of the fastest characters ever! If you take a look at the stats, Flash is overwhelmingly more fast than Quicksilver. But, the concept of two speedsters fighting each other is just so intriguing to me - taking two people, who move at unreal speeds, and having them fight. They'd run all over the place! If anything, they're better at that than they are at fighting, so they'd use that to their advantage. I've always wanted to play with that.

Q: How did you guys decide who got to portray who? Are either of you particularly fans of the character you portrayed?

Danny: We are both huge fans of the Flash. I wanted to be the Flash so badly, but at the end of the day I didn’t believe I was right for the part. So I talked it over with Jeremy and naturally we thought Noel would be a great fit.

Noel: Honestly, it kind of came down to appearance, man. Danny really wanted to be The Flash - it's one of his favorite super heroes. But, he also wanted to give fair, unbiased justice to the character. The two of us discussed for a little while, ultimately coming to the conclusion that my look would lend to Barry or Wally (at the time, it was undecided which Flash it was going to be) more than his.

Q: I love the design of both of the characters! Did you guys go through any alternate design choices before deciding on these ones?

Danny: We had our concept artist Huy Ding or Wee_Arts as he’s known online (everyone go follow him) design some concepts of what we wanted. We loved his designs but sadly the cost to build them in live action was out of our price range. So our costume designers pitched the suits you saw on camera.

Noel: Yeah, the original concepts for both characters looked rather different. But, I mean, that's how it always is with everything, right? Like with writing, with editing - it's not done until it's finished. So, what the first draft is may not even reflect the final product at all. But, we're all pretty happy with the final design.

Well, what are you waiting for? Go follow Wee_Arts now! Especially if you want to see more cool art like the concepts above!

A tale of two Quicksilvers
A tale of two Quicksilvers

Q: So Danny, we've seen two types of live-action Quicksilvers. The Quicksilver in this MMU is a lot more like the 'Days of Future Past' version than he is the 'Age Of Ultron' version. What made you want to go with that version of the character over the other?

Danny: Well with MMU, we don’t like taking iterations of characters, but create a sort of amalgam of the character. So we took aspects of both live action characters as well as from the comics. We wanted it to be familiar to all audiences while being new at the same time.

Q: I've asked you before in a previous interview Danny, but I've got to ask again, who's your favorite superhero? Noel, who's yours?

Danny: Batman will always be number one for me. I love Batman. Nightwing is a close second though. I love Batman more as a character, but I can relate to Nightwing on a different level if that make sense.

Noel: Dude, that's tough. Especially right now, it's in a three way tie. But, if I had to pick just ONE, I would have to go with the ragin' Cajun himself, Remy LeBeau, AKA Gambit. Growing up, I admired and related to him the most. He has this really suave and edgy charm about him, he has some unique powers and abilities, and he never really had a conventional costume.

Any fan of Gambit's is a friend of mine! And to be fair, Nightwing is a lot easier to relate to than the stoic 'Caped Crusader'.

Q: Quicksilver and Flash are two characters who don't necessarily have a particular fighting style. So what was it like filming their fight choreography?

Danny: Well after researching quite a bit, we discovered that Quicksilver does have quite a bit more fight training and was at one point trained by Captain America himself. so keeping that in mind we modeled his fighting style as a bit more light on his feet, more martial arts, and utilized his legs quite a bit more. Flash, we made him a brawler, relying purely on his speed above all else.

Noel: The four of us were actually just talking about this the other day! I can't speak for Danny, but I know for myself, that actually gave me some freedom that I hadn't had in a while, in terms of fighting style. Weapon XI had a fighting style, Red Hood (although he didn't have any action scenes) has his fighting style - but, two characters who don't particularly claim to be great 'warriors', per se, let me mess with how he would handle himself. And, I personally think he would be kind of a brawler. Not a lot of kicks, because he uses his legs and feet for running - he wants to keep them safe. He's had some time with the Justice League - so he's been able to observe Batman and Green Arrow fight, picking up some moves from them. But, Flash is a runner before anything else.

Q: You guys managed to pack so much cool special effects into such a short video, was it tough making all of these effects?

Danny: Yes lol. A video like this required a lot of planning. We had to know exactly how many VFX shots were going to be in it and how I was going to do them before even shooting. So it was a process but planning made it a lot easier.

Noel: Dude, that's all Danny. The image I have of Danny doing this effects is: him, losing sanity, sitting in front of his computer, empty candy and potato chip wrappers, protein bar rappers, and coffee cups! But, during filming, it was interesting. We put a treadmill in front of a green screen - something we hadn't done before. Almost every move of any combat sequence felt like it was filmed like it was an insert instead of the conversational fights we normally film.

The Flash from Injustice: Gods Among Us!
The Flash from Injustice: Gods Among Us!

Q: That Injustice-style fatality you performed on Danny was so awesome! The lightning, the slow-motion effect, it all just made for one cool scene! How did you go about filming it?

Noel: It was done all practically. So, we shot a camera out in space to get the footage of Earth, and I had to run for months to get that fast.

.... No, but for real. So, the running of that sequence -- we set up a treadmill in front of a green screen and filmed us running at a moderate speed. This was the second day of filming - on the first day, I hurt my toe like a summbitch, so that was a little difficult. I was actually worried we would have to possibly write it into the script that Quicksilver broke Flash's foot or something. But, yeah man, a lot of green screen running, jumping into the air and punching nothing. It was great!

I was really hoping that it was practical. Because if that were the case, I'd have to ask Noel about his training regime...

Q: How did you guys decide who would win the match-up?

Danny: We did some research on the characters and it didn’t take long to see that The Flash was on a completely different level. Admittedly the match was not fair. But it was the most requested video so we gave the fans what they wanted! haha

Noel: We consulted the comics, cartoons - anything that could provide us with the stats and feats of these characters. It was pretty clear who would be the winner, unfairly so. But, we still wanted to rightly depict Quicksilver and his awesome strengths. And, if you look at the fight, you'll see Quicksilver has the upper hand almost the entire time. I'd say, of the two, Quicksilver is more of the fighter. If it wasn't for Flash's ridiculous speed, your boy Quicksilver would have taken it.

The resemblance is uncanny!
The resemblance is uncanny!

Q: What was your favorite thing about making the video?

Danny: Seeing it all come together at the last minute. With sound, music, effects. It just felt like we accomplished something massive as a team!

Noel: The first day of filming, some woman asked Tony - "Hey, I don't mean to interrupt or pry, but how much would it cost for my daughter to get a picture with Grant?" That was probably my favorite thing. And, being able to play the character that kills Danny.

Q: Alternatively, if there was anything you could change about the video, what would it be?

Danny: I’m never happy with any of the work I do, so I could go on and on and nitpick all the things we can (and will) fix for future videos. But I believe it’s all a learning experience and a great way to continue to improve!

Noel: I wish that I didn't hurt my toe. Other than that, I am very happy with the final product. I'm super proud of everyone that worked on it.

Q: This MMU had some pretty funny banter, what was your favorite line of dialogue?

Danny: “what, you didn’t see that co—“ Haha. That joke didn’t really play on set so it didn’t even actually feel like a joke until the video was fully cut. The first time I finally saw the finished assembly I chuckled.

Noel: The beginning exchange and my Flash pun. That was great. I tried it a handful of different ways both on set and in ADR, so that was a lot of fun.

Q: So far, all of the MMU videos have featured Marvel and DC characters. Are you guys planning on bringing other worlds and characters into future videos?

Danny: Yes. Fans right now really love the superhero thing, so we are trying to build our audience big enough for it to be okay with us taking a risk here and there. But we hope to branch out with characters from all sorts of different universes and mediums!

Noel: For sure! We've been thinking about that a lot lately. If we were to think of it in terms of 'seasons', this first season would focus on super heroes. Next season, we'd bring on video game characters, anime characters, movie fantasy movie/book characters. We have a lot of crazy ideas of who we'd want to put up against each other.

Q: Finally, the next MMU will feature Daredevil! What can you say about the upcoming video?

Danny: His opponent is someone I don’t think everyone will be expecting. And our biggest goal is to hopefully demonstrate one of the most vicious and jaw dropping hand to hand action sequences on the internet

Noel: Not a damn thing. Just kidding! I can say to expect something unique, something different - which sounds so vague. But, rather than just do a Daredevil-fighting-someone video, it'll have it's own distinct flavor.

Well there you have it, a behind-the-scenes look at the newest (and coolest) Minute Match-Up! If you liked this video and interview, please make sure to support Ismahawk by checking out more of their awesome videos!

And if you want to go even more behind-the-scenes of Flash vs. Quicksilver, you can check out the official 'Making Of' video below!

Thanks For Reading!


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