ByMichael Mccain, writer at

Okay so I just got home and see that my sister is on the computer looking through the dancing section of youtube right? So she clicks on this music choreography for hello by Adele and a teaser trailer pops up for the one and only.... wait for it...


Yes folks, you heard me correctly, the Man of the Jungle is in fact coming to the big screen. I cannot even begin to tell all of you how excited I am for all of this. Just the fact that It is actually so far into the production that they are able to start releasing trailers from it.. It's release date is next summer!!!! Oh man!!! And mind you while the trailer doesn't reveal much about the main star it still looks really cool.

So, does this mean that everybody's favorite childhood tree swinger is really coming to life and coming out of the world of animation?

Keep in mind, I totally love the animated Tarzan and have since I was a child. But think about how epic this would be! Man I am just way too excited.

Oh well, MoviePilot-wonderful fans- good night and have a happy and wonderful weekend.


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