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The CW has just posted the first promo video to the Flash mid-season premiere episode (That's Season 2 episode 10) and fans can't wait. The episode will release on January 19th and will pick back up the epic battle between The Flash and the mysterious villain from Earth-2 known as Zoom! Throughout this last season the Flash has tried many different approaches to taking down Zoom, but it would appear everything he tries comes up short to this new threat, and Barry is faced with his most difficult task yet: Defeat the man who's faster than the Flash.

Flash's efforts have left him double crossed, beaten, humiliated and empty handed as the season came to a break recently and has left a lasting impression on audiences since the first season. Despite his many victories against Captain Cold, Gorilla Grodd, The Reverse Flash and a long list of other rogues, does Barry have what it takes to defeat Zoom while protecting the friends who help him? Tell us what you think!


How do you think Flash will defeat Zoom


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