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Alright, so this has been a long time coming. And when I say a long time, I mean months because I didn't know how to start. However, I have finally decided to woman up and get my fanart on here. Now, there's a little more to how long it took me to get anything on here than "I just didn't know what to put on here." In fact, the reason that I got invited to join this community is because of this picture. I had already created a few more pictures before I got the invitation to join. I have put this off for so long mainly because I was never sure what I was allowed to put on here. Are comics alright? Fanfictions? Am I allowed to make crossovers? Even now, I'm unsure exactly what boundaries I need to stay within. However, I have a pretty good idea of what I am going to put on here. For each piece of fan art I have created, save for a few, I have recorded myself making it and sped it up, creating a speed-paint which I posted to my YouTube channel. And now, looking at the options for what I can put in a post, I am sure that I am able to do what I planned to do. My plan is to post my artwork, and in the post I create to put it in, I will put the video that I make the art in, as well as a little bit of the background surrounding the art in question. And that is what I shall do now.

Here's a version of the picture without words on it
Here's a version of the picture without words on it

So, I guess that it's time to go back to the roots of my fan art, huh? This is, after all, the very first speed-paint I ever recorded. I guess I don't really have to say that again, huh? I mean, you probably already read the caption on the artwork at the top. Please pardon my redundancy. I am rather proud of this picture. Even though it was only this August when it was created, I still get a little nostalgic when I look at it. And it wouldn't even exist if something else hadn't happened.

I used to be a YouTube only person. I was on Instagram for a while, but that didn't last very long. Things happened, things that I am not very comfortable discussing yet, and my parents made me delete my account. They said I could make another one, but I just never did. When I turned thirteen, my mom made me a FaceBook account. I have absolutely no clue how to use it. It's really complicated to me, given that I had only used a five-button interface before. Needless to say, it barely has anything on it. There was a scavenger hunt at my church that my family and I thought required everyone to have a Twitter account, so we made one for me. I still have it, but I don't visit it often. Also needless to say, there's barely anything on it as well.

The only social media account that I had ever really used was YouTube. I started my channel on September 22, 2014. Since then, I have gained fifteen subscribers. It's mostly a gaming channel, but I have also started acting out a few books with my toys. They're some of my earliest videos, and you'd have to go into the depths of my channel to find them. My first Let's Play was of a fan-made game called "Sonic Smash Bros." I highly suggest looking it up and playing it. It's really fun! Much like my other accounts, however, my channel was practically dead until I posted that Let's Play on Christmas. Since then, I have made 100+ videos and posted them. My channel has really grown, morphing into a sort of gaming and speed-painting hybrid. I have fun making videos, and I hope that people can enjoy them and that they can make people happy. However, I'm getting off track. I have yet to explain why I do speed-paints in the first place.

For almost all of my videos, I use Screencast-O-Matic, a wonderful recording program that works most of the time. When it doesn't work... Well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. Screencast-O-Matic, or Screencast for short, will automatically give you a time limit on your videos when your computer is running low on room. How do I know this? Well, for a short while, I recorded some videos on my dad's computer. Games such as Minecraft, Matches & Matrimony, and Wizard101 were only accessible on his desktop because my laptop is a school computer and I am not allowed to download games onto it. One day, Screencast only allowed me to record up to fifteen minutes of footage. I was confused, since dad bought the 3-Year Pro Membership, which is supposed to allow you to record longer than fifteen minutes. However, I soon discovered by poking around a bit that the computer was low on space. Now knowing this, I created an update video on my channel explaining that I wouldn't be able to continue the series that I needed the desktop to make, at least until I got a computer of my own on which I could actually download games.

Now, I had been wanting to do speed-paints for a while now. I love watching them now, and back then was no exception. I had recently purchased a Crayola Art Studio program, something that was a bit better than Microsoft paint. I decided that this was the perfect opportunity to start doing them. The next day, I sat down at my laptop and decided to do my first speed-paint.

I had absolutely no clue what to make. I didn't really plan ahead, save for the one decision I made to "do something Pokemon-related." I figured that inspiration would just strike. And so it did. Inspiration heard my cry for help, and it did, indeed, strike. I began with an empty canvas and a bare-bones idea, and an hour and thirteen minutes later, I was left with the picture, as well as this video.

Now, when you compare it to some of the other stuff I've done, it probably doesn't seem like a masterpiece. However, when you take into account that this was me working with a mouse-pad, not a drawing tablet (something which I am now in the possession of), or even just a stinking regular mouse (see the note about the tablet), it becomes a lot more obvious that this was stinking hard to make and I like it for what it is.

This has become by far my most viewed video, though many of the views are from myself wanting to watch it again and again. It was also this video which was discovered by one of the moderators of this website and got me an invitation to join this fair community. This was only the first of many speed-paints to come, just as this is the first of many posts to come. I must take my leave now, but I just want to remind you all to keep calm and cookie on.

Thanks for reading!

-Anon E. Mous :3


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