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It's been reported by Variety from a source close to them that Cate Blanchett is in talks to joining Thor: Ragnarok.

Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett may soon be joining the Marvel universe.
Sources tell Variety Blanchett is in talks to play one of the new female leads in Marvel’s “Thor: Ragnarok.” Marvel had no comment.

Who exactly could Cate Blanchett be playing in the new Thor movie is a big mystery as of yet, but I think I may have an answer to that. I will get to that in a bit, but first lets recap a bit of whats going on in the Marvel universe right now and where Thor is leading into.

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It seems that every movie in Marvel's Phase 3 will be having more than just one hero in it and things are starting to really feel like a comic book. We are way past the solo hero film with heroes just teaming up for the big Avengers movie every two years now. It seems that with Captain America: Civil War this will be the start of heroes coming in and out of every Marvel movie from now on. This of course will also be followed with Thor Ragnarok where the Hulk will be making an appearance alongside Thor. Is Hulk the only character to make an appearance though?

I believe that we might also be seeing Thanos but this time not alone, I think were about to see him and Death together for the first time. As of yet we still have no word on who could be playing Death but I believe Cate Blanchett is going to be the one to bring the role to the big screen and I give it a big thumbs up. Is it too early to see Death make her appearance with Thanos already or is Thor not the right movie for that? It really is the best and smartest move from Marvel to do this and I'll tell you why. If you don't know, Ragnarok is basically the apocalypse for Asgard and what follows an apocalypse is of course Death. It also make sense to finally introduce Thanos into the big picture and have him be a real threat to our heroes at that point.

Its still very unclear whether Blanchett will join the project, or even play Death, so all of this is just speculation I've arrived at. I wouldn't be surprised though if we find out pretty soon who will be playing Death because I'm sure we will see her in Thor: Ragnarok.


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