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One of the most anticipated new comic book shows for 2016 is Legends of Tomorrow; the latest in the connected DC universe of Arrow and The Flash. This new spin off will feature an ensemble of Flarrow favorites in a Doctor-Who-style time travelling series against the big bad Vandal Savage.

We've been treated to a few different teasers for the show, but this latest trailer has some exciting new footage to offer, including a focus on Savage, and a fantastic new look for Firestorm!

Savage Is Trying To Evolve The Human Race

We actually met Savage during the Flash/Arrow crossover episodes, where his backstory and much of his power was revealed. It's doubtful that we will spend much more time fleshing that out in Legends, although we will hopefully find out just how he became friends with Malcolm Merlyn, and how Merlyn revives him now that the Lazarus pit has been destroyed.

What we will get to see is Savage through the ages. This new trailer reveals that he isn't just a villain for the sake of things, but is attempting to force the evolution of humanity through large-scale war. Interesting motivation, but still not the best one. He's clearly all about survival of the fittest, and it looks like one of their first missions as Legends will be to stop him using some kind of missile- perhaps a nuclear weapon?

Captain Cold Takes Some Persuading

Although Leonard Snark has definitely been developing some feels lately, and has been helping Barry rather than fighting him, he's still got a little ways to go before he can truly be considered a good guy. His trusty sidekick Heatwave, meanwhile, hasn't been showing anywhere near the same level of commitment to good - he just likes setting stuff on fire!

We see that Cold is just about ready to leave, but it seems that the promise of becoming a legend is too difficult to pass up. These two are also under no illusions as to who they are. When Ray calls them a pair of "good-for-nothin' criminals", they remain completely unperturbed. This is promising to be a fantastic addition to the crew, with plenty of potential for conflict and development.

Firestorm's New Look

Our last firestorm, Ronnie Raymond, wasn't too concerned about having a super-suit, and just wore the chest-piece that helped control his powers over normal clothing. Apparently our new Firestorm, Jefferson Jackson, is feeling a little more flashy. (He was a football star, after all. He probably appreciates a colorful uniform!)

His new suit is much closer to his comic book origins, with bright red and yellow jacket that incorporates the chest-piece. It's just brighter and more recognizable for viewers, which is fan-tastic!

January Is Going To Be Amazing

The trailers for this new show look absolutely incredible, and with the connections to the hugely popular Flash and Arrow shows, there is little doubt in my mind that it will do well. As Arrow continues to expand into the more magical realm, and The Flash ups the comedy, Legends of Tomorrow seems to be the most heavily sci-fi series - although if the many Green Lantern Easter eggs are actually leading up to a series, that may be a challenger to the sci-fi title!

There are just so many exciting things happening for DC on television right now, and January is going to be incredible.

Legends of Tomorrow comes to the CW January 21st


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