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I don't know how people didn't notice this . Maybe because this topic here is from fandoms of two different genres. But i really expected someone to be like me who loves both BrBa as well as the flarrow and to write about it soon . But it went unnoticed on the web. well luckily for the writers of flarrow; who so lovingly put up a reference to BrBa; it didn't go unnoticed.

warning spoilers ahead if you haven't watched the season finales of the flash and Arrow.

The flash s02e09

In the season finale of the flash "Running To Stand Still" when the trickster and weather wizard randomly places a hundred bombs around the city.

Cisco and team flash manages to get one of the bomb into one of the dimensional breaches which causes it to attract the remaining bombs, removing them from the city

After the flash finishes off the bad guys ; cisco exclaims to their work of getting the bombs out.

These are the words he uses to exclaim their achievement

"magnets bitch"

"Magnets bitch" as every BrBa fanboy/girl out there might know is a line used by jesse pinkman in one of the episodes where they use a giant magnet inside a truck (or a minivan maybe. been a long time since i watched BrBa).

exactly BITCH!
exactly BITCH!

Arrow s04e09

Similar to The flash aired a day before the season finale of "Dark Waters" had a reference to BrBa.

When Oliver Queen declares war on Darhk he had to improvise the security to his party. Diggle arranges the best security Oliver had ever seen.

Upon knowing Oliver's security concerns were well handled by Diggle, Felicity asks him how he managed it. You guessed it right, Well Diggle had the most BrBa answer for that question.. (or should i say "most 'Better Call Saul' answer"

"i know someone who knows someone who knows someone.."

and again as every fan knows Saul goodman in BrBa has a very similar dialogue.

"i know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy "
"i know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy "

Summing up

There are some creative writers in CW's Flarrow-verse and they know exactly how to tickle a nerds brain by some cleverly hidden easter-eggs and references. I'm pretty excited to see the Flarrow-verse expand and i m Especially excited for CW's new show DC's Legends of tomorrow as well as for the second season of Better Call Saul. Let me know how many of You are excited for the new show and new season of BCS. Also let me know if you found any references in shows. Also this is my first time on Moviepilot so let me know how i did and i hope with your support i can keep up with writing interesting articles as such.


Did you spot these references in Flarrow?


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