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Anon Eversence Mous

This picture... Hoo boy, where do I even start with this bad boy?

I would first like to note that this picture took, oh, I don't know, only TEN HOURS TO MAKE. Yeah. I was working into the wee hours of the night on this one. I got done with it at one or two a.m., and I couldn't sleep afterwards. We were spending the night at my grandma's house; that's the only reason I was able to work on it for so long. We had church the next morning. I was... not really tormented, but I was still peeved when we headed home. And I ended up sobbing in my mom's arms about the existence of Santa Claus of all things. I had a nap that day after eating some Chinese food and watching some Kirby: Right Back at Ya! and I felt much better. What lesson did we learn, kids? Suffer for your art, but not that much. Screencast was being... weird, too. I had to combine the videos. Even at 10x speed the video was an hour long, so I ramped it up to 20x.

I have also decided to make this a scene in my fanfiction.


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