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Steven Universe has always been a show of hidden depths: starting out light and fun, the nature of the Crystal Gems was slowly revealed after many episodes of foreshadowing and hints. Eventually, we discovered what the Gems' mission was, and just why these alien space rocks live on Earth in the first place. But there's still far far more of the story to tell.

With the show now officially paused for its winter break, there's plenty of time for us to mull over all those unanswered questions and mysteries of Steven Universe. And though we won't get any more episodes for a while, there's some answeres to be found in the new book The Guide To The Crystal Gems!

The Gem War

Rose Quartz's Rebellion against Homeworld happened thousands of years ago, and is probably the most important piece of backstory information for the show's plot. It still has a huge influence on Earth even thousands of years later, and in the aftermath of Peridot's revelations in recent episodes, it seems Yellow Diamond might be ready to start the war again.

The Guide To The Crystal Gems gave us an exact date for the Gem War - 5,500 years ago! Sp here's what we know of the Crystal Gems' revolt against Homeworld so far...

  • The Gems considered Earth an excellent breeding ground for new Gems, and intended to use it as such.
  • When Rose Quartz visited Earth she was astounded by the human race and realised that Homeworld's plan for Earth was wrong.
  • This plan, as Peridot later revealed, also included building an immense weapon from the forced fusion of gem shards - The Cluster.
  • As this would destroy the planet (and all life on it), the Crystal Gems, lead by Rose, fought against Homeworld to protect the Earth.
  • This war lasted about 1000 years, according to Pearl.
  • Quartz type Gems were Homeworld's soldiers, as they're much bigger and stronger than any other Gem type.
  • Greg implied that humans were also involved in the conflict, but whether they fought by the Crystal Gems' side or were just victims is still a mystery.
  • Amethyst was created after the war ended - she came out of the Kindergarten too late, which probably stunted her growth.

Amethyst certainly seems ready to have a big role in the plot when season 2 resumes, but could her Homeworld heritage prove to be a problem?

Amethyst's Destiny

In Too Far, Peridot revealed that Amethysts are among the strongest Gems on Homeworld. And we may have seen one fighting Rose Quartz in a flashback!

Fans quickly pointed out the similarities between Amethyst's hairstyle and the hair of this Gem that Rose Quartz fights. Put that together with Peridot's revelations in Too Far, and it looks like we already caught a glimpse of how Amethyst is supposed to be!

"You're small! You're not supposed to be. You're a quartz. They're huge, loyal soldiers. You should be twice your size. Broad shouldered, intimidating... but you simply stayed in the ground too long!"

It's actually possible that the Gem from the flashback is a fusion of two or more Amethysts: The Guide To The Crystal Gems revealed that on Homeworld, only gems of the same type tend to fuse together, making a bigger and stronger version of that gem. So imagine a giant, muscly Pearl... or this version of Amethyst. This also explains Peridot's aversion to and prejudice against Garnet: Ruby and Sapphire's fusion is therefore "unusual", and their decision to live together permanently was met with disdain on Homeworld.

So what does the future hold for Amethyst? It's possible that as her relationship with Peridot strengthens, she might be tempted to join Yellow Diamond's side when Homeworld's might returns to Earth.

Just gals being pals
Just gals being pals

Or maybe it will go the other way around - thanks to her friendship with Amethyst, maybe Peridot will be persuaded that saving the Earth is the right thing to do! It's difficult to say how the plot will go at this point, but Amethyst definitely has some issues to work through about her heritage, her role as a Gem, and what this means for her relationships with the others. We can't wait to see how all this plays out in the rest of season 2!

Steven Universe will return in the spring of 2016. What would you like to see happen? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!

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