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The November Man premieres this December only on HBO India in the prime time. So, join the movie enthusiasts and let the Christmas frolic begin.

Gear up for some Christmas fun as The November Man arrives this December. The 2014 flick goes over the famous duo, actor Pierce Brosnan and the director Roger Donaldson again. This is a spy thriller hollywood movie set in the backdrop of the cold war and has been adapted from a Bill Granger novel called There Are No Spies. Brosnan plays an ex-CIA agent Peter and is supported by Olga Kurylenko and Luke Bracy playing significant roles in the movie.

A Thrilling Tale in the Offing

Peter Devereaux has to perform one last mission of his career to protect a key witness, Alice Fourier (Olga) who is actually a victim, Mira herself. He is supposed to retrieve a former lover and a Russian undercover agent Natalia on the order of his former senior, Jake Hanley (Bill Smitrovich). On the way, he becomes the target of a CIA officer and his long lost friend David Mason (Luke) who was discouraged for his impulsive behaviour and now been ordered to shoot Natalia as well as Alice. All stories connect when both the women hold key in bringing down the corrupt Russian leader and a war criminal in the past, Arkady Federov (Lazar Ristovski).

Indulge Into Cat and Mouse Chase

What started as nab and rescue operation ends up as a deadly game including top CIA officials and a candidate running for the Russian President post. Adding to the conflicts is the relationship of Peter with Natalia. Suspecting a mole in CIA, Peter can trust nobody but his instincts when he is lured to fulfil a neo-cold war duty. David wants to settle scores with his old mentor who seems to have daddy issues but is also meeting him as a playing victim to selfish motives that abuse both his loyalty and lethal proficiency.

The Brosnan-Bond Ultimatum

With Pierce Brosnan living it, the character of Peter definitely casts a lasting impression when he operates under the code name of The November Man reminding us of James Bond. This spy is torn between his personal and professional life as he keeps his intimate relationships under wraps for he fears them being used against him. Olga reminds us of her Quantum of Solace days supporting the role of its main protagonist. She gives a meaningful ending to the film when the fate of the antagonist rests upon her. It leads to a role change as the girl who was a naive target transforms into a strong woman who punishes her oppressor.

The action flick holds the audience interest through its story full of double-crosses and familiar twists. Also, the epic proves that anger and violence go hand-in-hand when its hair-raising brutal moments were filmed. Duck yourself under a warm quilt and relish the winter flavour that is enhanced by HBO India. Get your family an ultimate movie experience during the vacation. The November man premieres only on the Home Box Office with a double telecast on the eve of Christmas.


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