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Ben Turner

Sweetest pop star in the game Britney Spears has a simple and clear message for all dem haters out there, yep, you suck.

Last night Britney tweeted the picture of her looking fly in her 'Mean People Suck' crop-top with the accompanying caption 'Enough said'.

The photo of Britney looking gorgeous was next to her exercise machine which I also think was definitely part of the message she wanted to send to the haters. Britney keeps herself in shape and is still rocking those rock hard killer abs since 1999.

Britney has been working on her body for quite a while now, stating that "lots and lots of yoga" is the secret to having an amazing Britney bod.

Check out these other pics:

Britney's body is on fire and her flexibility puts most guys and girls 10 years her junior to shame.

Britney's abs throughout the years

Hit 'em baby one more time...

Slave for those abs

Wonder Woman essentially

She works for those abs, b*tch...

Keep rocking it Brit, haters are just jealous of your impeccable amazingness and iron abdominals.


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