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In 1991, before the Internet became a thing, there was Clarissa Explains It All. She championed the N.P.P (No Parents Please), taught us a thing or two about pairing neon with neon whilst making it look GREAT, and provided all the worldly wisdom we needed.

21 years after the last episode aired on TV, it seems that Melissa Joan Hart is missing her spiritual alter ego as much as we are. So, the '90s teen queen has teamed up with Bustle to explain that glorious decade to post-era youngsters, and to give us oldies some nostalgia to bathe in.

Here are the top 10 points any true '90s kid will remember:

1. Girl bands vs. Boy bands

The '90s was full of 'feel good, easy to listen to' music, with the industry swamped with boy bands and pop chicks, such as Backstreet Boys and Christina Aguilera. Melissa also nods to the Grunge movement, with bands like Nirvana entering the scene and changing 'the whole thing,' as she puts it.

2. Britney Spears

In 1999 Melissa Joan Hart starred in a movie called Drive Me Crazy, named after a song by some fledgling singer on its soundtrack:

"I did not want that to be the title of the movie and I tried to fight Fox for that. I did not want it to be called 'Drive Me Crazy'. Like, what, some little teeny bopper is going to come in and rename our movie? No! She's going to be a flash in the pan, nobody will remember her in five years and then our movie will be named after her song."

Embarrassing! Hart also appeared in Britney's 'Crazy' music video, but that's not where the connection ends; Britney also cameoed in an episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch!

3. Pull-out posters

"Teen Beat was HUGE for heartthrobs, the cover was just plastered with cute boys. You know, you looked inside and it had the name and you could rip that out and glue it on your wall."

I had Ben from British band A1. Not ashamed.

4. Crushes

"Jonathan Taylor Thomas at the time for the younger, littler girls, I feel like? But the ones that I really liked were Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio."

Obvs! Everyone knows '90s Depp and Leo were BABES.

5. Grunge style

"I loved the flannels and the combat boots, the whole look and feel and sound of grunge."

Good to know her excellent fashion choices in Clarissa Explains It All influenced her style irl, too.

6. Barely there clothing & platform shoes

"Everything had like a piece here, nothing in the back, super tight. I don't remember the heels being too high, but I guess there were platforms."

'I guess'?! Gurl! Platforms 4eva.

7. Jelly shoes

"I actually saw somebody wearing some good jelly shoes the other day and I was like, I need to get me some of those. They were so comfy, they were like the Crocs of the '90s."

Whilst I think a comparison to Crocs is a major insult to the jelly shoe, she does have a point, they were really very comfy. Until they got a bit sweaty, but lets not talk about that.

8. Pagers

"I did have a pager because I was working in Florida and then I got a boyfriend, and I was 16, and you know, that was the first 'sexting' - paging someone with '69'."

Clarissa, you little minx!

9. Mini Discs

"Choice of music at the time? I would carry a small bag with all my minidiscs in it for the airplane when I travelled. But you could, like, make little mixes so I would have my sad songs, my happy songs, my angry songs, my running songs, so you could do what you can do now on your phone."

I used to charge friends $2 for custom mixes with specially designed clip-art covers. Quite the entrepreneur.

10. Actually making plans in advance

"You were on a landline and you call someone and you'd say HEY I'm going to meet you at 7 O'clock on the corner of blablabla and you had to be there."

Not being able to text meant that once you made a plan, you had to stick to it. None of this last minute text bail bollocks.

Watch 'Melissa Explain The '90s' in full below:

"It was just a way of life. I miss the '90s."

Source: Bustle, Dorkly


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