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The great thing about cosplay is - there are no rules! You can put your own twist on any character and that's what makes it so much fun. Here are 7 cosplayers who weren't afraid to genderbend their favorite characters.

1. Aragorn by LauraTolton

It's no secret that Aragorn has been an object of lust ever since The Fellowship of the Ring came out, and now those who prefer the ladies can participate in the fun as well!

2. Green Arrow by Its-Raining-Neon

Its-Raining-Neon looks excellent in this Green Arrow cosplay!

3. Jack Frost by MeganCoffey

I love this cosplay so much that I just had to use it as a header image too. Can you imagine if female Jack Frost met Elsa? We all know the song 'Let It Go' is Elsa's coming-out anthem.

4. Elsa by WiseKumagoro

Well I obviously had to include this on the list now.

5. Cruella De Vil by hakucosplay


6. Aladdin by MomoKurumi

Jasmine clearly doesn't need a prince in her life - she needs a princess!

7. The Doctor by Ainlina

The tenth Doctor has never looked cuter! (Or is he the eleventh now? I'm so confused after the 50th anniversary episode.)

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