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Great Scott! It's exactly what we wanted this Christmas... Fap to the Future, a porn parody spoof of the '80s time travel classic Back to the Future has arrived.

The cognoscenti over at Wood Rocket are leading the way in pop culture porn parodies with racy renditions including The Humper Games, Game of Bones and Gnardians of the Galaxy.

Of their most recent production, director Lee Roy Myers says,

“We love 'Back to the Future', and so this is as much an homage to the original as it is the largest group of dick jokes ever assembled in one video.”

Fap to the Future tells the story of Miss Marty DickFly, who is accidentally sent thirty years into the past in a time-traveling Dildorean invented by Cock Brown.

Marty must make sure that her dad finger-bangs her mom at the 'Enchantment Under The Semen' dance in order to save her own existence... and her porn tapes from becoming scrambled.

Check out the full length trailer below.

Naturally the film is packing as many puns as possible making this another hilarious addition to Wood Rocket's growing porn parody collection.

Here are some of the highlights from the trailer.

Move over Doc Brown, Hello Cock Brown.

Cock Brown looks very much like our favorite kooky inventor but seems to prefer dildo hats and porn over conventional physics. Figures.

Destination: Anal Stimulation

Great Twat! The time panel in the Dildorean requires three specific time entries that will have Marty keeping a close eye on her watch at crucial moments:

  • Get Off
  • Touch It
  • Anal Stimulation

Lets see if these bastards can do 90... orgasms

The particulars of how time travel is achieved are slightly different than what you might remember. Cock Brown explains that you'll need radioactive Poontonium and 88 orgasms per hour in order to generate the 1.21 jizzawatts of energy needed for the expedition. Science.

Premium Poontonium stolen from lesbians.
Premium Poontonium stolen from lesbians.

Interested in filling in the gaps? Watch the whole X-rated movie for free over at You're welcome.

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