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Justin Bieber is such a seasoned pro at royally putting his foot in it that he now has the wisdom to apologize immediately to save himself the bother later.

The 22-year-old pop icon has recently made yet another ill advised blunder as he made a kind of creepy joke about how many years he would have to wait for his underage fans to turn 18.

While some press focus has been on the fact that poor lil' homeschooled Bieber had to count using his fingers to make the quantum leap between 14 and 18, a lot of sources are assuming that Justin had lewd intentions for his fans once they came of age.

While they are almost certainly correct in their assumptions, maybe Bieber had more noble intentions on his mind for his beloved Beliebers, like some of the suggested examples below:

Donating Blood!

Bieber is so busy trying to turn himself from hedonistic hellion to altruistic angel in the public eye, that maybe he was trying to recruit a barrage of willing blood donors to do all the hard work and save lives on his behalf.


Maybe Bieber lays awake a night thinking about the underrepresentation of women in the Canadian army and is singlehandedly plotting to address this stark gender imbalance.


Only 35% of Canadian 18 to 24-year-olds vote and Bieber wants to change all that... Possibly after pulling a Kanye and running for President himself! I mean if Rob Ford managed to get into a position of power, there might be people willing to give Biebs a chance.

Getting a Tattoo!

Bieber loves ink almost as much as dropped crotch trousers, so why not pay the tattoo community back by counting down the days until all his fans can feel the sweet sting? I'm envisioning a 25% of deal for any designs featuring his own face because, why not?

Boozing in London!

Biebs hates London after they wouldn't let his underage pals into his birthday bash, so what better way to get revenge than unleashing an battalion of boozed up 18-year-old Beliebers on the city? Delayed gratification at its best!

Or you know, maybe he's just a bit creepy.

(Source: Twitter)


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