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In a world where photoshopped stars set precedent for beauty norms, where body grooming is so intense you begin to look upon your own as ugly and shameful, it unfortunately falls upon the ladies in the spotlight to take a stand. Sometimes it takes their presence to remind us: hey girls, body hair is totally normal AND, whatsmore, it's yours, do whatever the bloody hell you want with it.

Here are 10 mega celebs who've been brave enough to flaunt their gorgeous bodies out in public, pit hair and all.

1. Jemima Kirke

The Girls star attended the CFDA Fashion Awards looking radiant whilst sporting a sexy red dress and a delicate smattering of underarm hair.

2. Michelle Rodriguez

If Ms. Rodriguez's pit hair is anything to go by, it's growing 'Fast and Furious'.

3. Scout Willis

Shaving pit hair? Yippee ki-yay, motherfucker.

4. Penelope Cruz

Even with a healthy dose of fuzz Penelope Cruz is absolutely smokin'

5. Madonna

Armpit hair is so in Vogue, don't ya know?

6. Julia Roberts

Hollywood's Pretty Woman accessorizes her underarms with a pink sequins

7. Drew Barrymore

Only a Charlie's Angel could grow a pit mane so well groomed.

8. Lady Gaga

Turquoise underarms? Inspired.

9. Britney Spears

There's another part of Britney Spears we all want a piece of.

10. Elizabeth Jagger

When you come from a family this cool, as if you'd give a fuck about your armpit carpet.

Source: MTV, CM


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