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These days, it's totally normal to adjust images using photoshop and similar programs -- after all, fashion magazines and celebrities have been doing this for years now haven't they?

Yet, just when we thought we had hacked the necessary skills, someone comes out with a completely laughable example of photo manipulation. So in lieu of this, perhaps next year we should actually learn how to actually use the tools before we start to alter images with wild abandon?

Here are 9 of the most bizarre photoshop fails of 2015:

1. When this thigh gap was out of this world

Perhaps this should be my for 2016.

2. When Lindsay Lohan tried to give herself a Kardashian butt

I'm not sure that's how you get it, Lindsay.

3. When Zendaya slammed down on a magazine for photoshopping her to look ridiculously thin

Preach it sister!

4. When Nicole Scherzinger tucked into a ghostly pud

Well, to be fair, it's not like she really eats the stuff anyway.

5. When we were unsure where this model's butt-crack had gone

Is that what ours is supposed to look like?

6. When this pose didn't look healthy

Is your foot okay love?

7. When Ariana Grande sprouted this monster hand

It's almost as big as her!

8. When this model clearly lost her nips

I'm confused, are you?

9. When this Playboy model's nether bits developed an alien-like appearance

That is not a human.

Let's try harder next year world!



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