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We don't need to wait for some sneaky paparazzi photographer to snap Miley in compromising positions... because she can do that perfectly well on her own.

The ferocious Instagrammer has been updating us regularly with pictures and videos of the outfits and antics from her 'Dead Petz' tour, which is set to end with a final show in LA on December 19.

Take a glimpse at some of her latest contributions to the world of social media.

Puff & Spread Miley

The pop star lights up on stage with her legs spread; I guess we should be thankful she has underwear on.

Booby Unicorn Miley

This psychedelic costume is a wonderful metallic mess... featuring boobs and a unicorn horn.

Feeble Chastity Belt Miley

Miley pulls off the hair-covering-nipple and flimsy knicker look like a pro.

Braidy Miley

Miley backstage with one of her show performers, Amazon Ashley.

Pretty Sparkle Face Miley

The starlet shared a picture of her gorgeous bejeweled face, no doubt backstage before another epic performance.

Miley Sleeps too...

Crazy antics aside, 'lil Cyrus needs to sleep as well and often posts photos and videos of herself without all the make up and sensational costumes, reminding us that she is in fact just a 23-year-old girl that loves to snuggle up in bed like the rest of us.

She's certainly come a long way since her audition for Hannah Montana:

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