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In order to tide us Fear the Walking Dead fans through, after the spectacular end to the show's premiere season, AMC has been airing the companion web series Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462, which is now halfway through its season. Flight 462 focusses on an airplane full of passengers bound for Phoenix, shortly after the virus outbreak has hit the continental United States.

The series is running in parallel to Fear the Walking Dead, and at least one of the characters from Flight 462 will join the main cast of Fear the Walking Dead in the show's second season. Cool way to tie it all in right?

Charlie, Deirdre and Jake in Flight 462
Charlie, Deirdre and Jake in Flight 462

Altogether there will be 16 short episodes of Flight 462 (each episode is under a minute), and currently 8 have aired. Did you catch them all? Well if not, then take a look at what happened in the first half of Fear the Walking Dead: Flight 462 so you're all up to speed, and be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below:

Episode 1

In the first episode we meet teenage Jake Powell who is aboard TruWest Airlines Flight 462 preparing for take off. Jake receives a call from his mother who was unable to get on the flight. She tells him that his father will be there to collect him when his flight lands. While Jake is on the phone, another passenger receives a message that flights are being grounded, and asks the flight attendant whether or not the flight will actually be taking off. Meanwhile in the background of Jake's phone call, he hears a woman scream. The woman sitting in front of Jake turns around and slams down his window blind.

Episode 2

As the plane travels down the runway, Jake repeatedly tries to message his mother, only for the messages to fail to send. The passenger who earlier asked about grounded flights, Marcus, is airsick. The woman sitting in front of Jake looks at him as he watches the plane ascend over the city.

Episode 3

As the flight attendant Deirdre passes through the cabin with beverages, the older lady next to Jake chats to him. We find out that Jake and his mother were on standby, but only he was able to get on the flight, and that the flight is en route to Phoenix where Jake's dad will collect him.

Episode 4

The airsick passenger Marcus gets out of his seat and causes a bit of commotion as he rushes to the bathroom in the back of the plane. His wife reassures the surrounding passengers that it's just his reflux playing up. Charlie, the woman sitting in front of Jake, questions Marcus's wife about how long he's been ill, only to be told to mind her "own goddamn business." Jake asks Charlie if she thinks Marcus might be suffering from a flu that's been "going around," but Charlie doesn't answer him.

Episode 5

As the plane begins its descent into Phoenix, Marcus is still in the bathroom, and his wife and Deirdre urge him to come out, to no reply. As Jake looks out the window all the lights go out in the city of Phoenix below, and in front of him Charlie unbuckles her seatbelt.

Episode 6

After Marcus still won't respond to his wife or Deirdre, Charlie gets out of her seat and pleads with the pair not to open the bathroom door, only to be stopped by another passenger named Anthony. Unfortunately Charlie is too late, and Deirdre opens the door for Marcus's body to thump to the floor.

Episode 7

As Anthony attempts CPR on Marcus the plane captain announces that the plane is being rerouted to Los Angeles due to the power outage. Anthony takes a break from performing CPR to calm down Marcus's wife, and noticing something, Charlie jumps in and urges Deirdre to stay away from the body. Deirdre fights her off, until Charlie rips open Marcus's shirt and reveals a huge bloody wound on his abdomen.

Episode 8

Charlie tells Anthony and Deirdre that they need to tie up Marcus's body, much to his wife's outrage. Instead Deirdre goes ahead with applying defibrillator panels to his body and Anthony, revealing himself as a U.S. air marshal, restrains Charlie, and demands all passengers return to their seats. As Deirdre unsuccessfully uses the defibrillator to revive Marcus, his eyes flash open having reanimated as a zombie.

Fear the Walking Dead will return to AMC in 2016, likely around June.



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