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(Warning - the following contains a brand spanking new official, full-length trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse, which in turn contains a fairly substantial amount of plot teasing and character revelation. If you want to go into the movie cold, proceed with caution - and if not... you're probably already down below watching it...)

Now, I could fill this introduction with some sort of pithy discussion of just how much the X-Men matter to a whole lot of comic book (and comic book movie) fans, going into impassioned detail about just how much the team of outcasts and outsiders meant to so many of us when we were growing up. I could talk about how the arguments over which of the team is the greatest (I'm still sticking with Cyclops, 20-odd-years into being roundly jeered for it), or about how they've saved the Marvel comic book line with their sales figures on multiple occasions. But I won't.

And y'know why? Because...

The New 'X-Men: Apocalypse' Trailer is Here

And why the heck would you want to read pages and pages of me telling you why you're already watching it?

After all, you probably already know why you love the X-Men, and if you didn't before, then that trailer might just have helped, seeing as it featured:

Apocalyptic Rumblings

Along with some full on Professor X mentoring.

Havok Actually Getting Something To Do

Even if it does eventually turn out to be 'saying dumb stuff so we don't have to'.

Beast Looking More and More Like Kelsey Grammer

Which is possibly intentional, if rumors of Nicholas Hoult's imminent departure are to be believed.

Nightcrawler Looking Awesome

And more-or-less exactly as emo as you'd imagine a teenaged Kurt Wagner to be. Swashbuckling is going to have to come later, it seems...

The Jubilation of Seeing Ms. Lee

Who looks set to be much less irritating than most fans found her comic book form.

An Introduction to Our Four Horsemen

Including a close-up of what looks to be a pre-conversion Betsy 'Psylocke' Braddock.

(Including a History Lesson)

Featuring the aforementioned 'Havok says stuff that then gets entertainingly shot down' trope we're probably going to get pretty used to in a few months time.

An Assembled X-Team

One very much led by a not-so-blue Mystique - and featuring...

A Whole Lot of the New Faces

Tye Sheridan in particular is channeling the hell out of a young Scott 'Cyclops' Summers. Which is lucky, as we also get to see...

Cyclops Blasting the Crap Out of Something (or Someone)

Iconic, much? Meanwhile...

A Giant Apocalypse Arising

Though it remains to be seen whether that's all a dream - or a vision.

Quicksilver Gathering Momentum

And teases a (happily) more substantial role this time out for Evan Peters.

Archangel Actually Being a Thing

With his projectile metal feathers and everything (although without his trademark blue skin, sadly).

Apocalypse Getting it on With Cerebro, it Seems

Which bodes ill for pretty much everyone.

Bad Things Happening to New York

Because peril.

And, finally, and in gloriously geek-tastic fashion...

We Finally Get the Money Shot of Bald Professor X

And it's awesome.

What did you think of the trailer?


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