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Nothing says holiday cheer quite like being reminded of a dark part of your local history, am I right? Well, maybe not, but that seems to be the sentiment in Hanover, Germany. The town has taken an unflattering piece of its history and decided to included it onto their advent calendar.

In the 1920s, Friedrich Heinrich Karl "Fritz" Haarmann was found guilty for murdering 24 people. He was beheaded for his crimes in 1925. The notorious serial killer made it alongside 23 other town celebrities on its holiday advent calendar.

For the last two years, Haarmann has made it onto the calendar and can be seen standing by a tree wielding a hatchet. While a murderer might not be the first thing that comes to mind when counting down the days to Christmas, Hans Nolte, director of the city's tourism board, says that people love it and they will likely sell out their 20,000 copies quickly.

Although people seem to love it, the city has stated that he will not be included in next year's advent calendar.

(Source: Reuters)


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