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Humans make mistakes - celebrities included. The most important this is that you learn from them.

When Patricia Arquette spoke at this year's Oscar ceremony back in February, she delivered a spirited speech meant to ignite action in regards to wage inequality. While it all was incredibly inspiring, she ended it by telling gay people and people of color that they needed to fight for women.

The backlash she received as a reaction to her speech was almost instantaneous, especially since women of color have never had their own platform. But Arquette has clearly learned from her mistake.

She took to The Hollywood Reporter to write an essay about what she has since learned about feminism:

"I blame myself for my stupid wording that night when I was calling for male activists to have our backs and remember women, to support the women's movement, and to include women in the conversation. I was talking about the really devastating consequences of the women's movement stalling out."

She also wrote:

"Since the speech, I have learned a lot more about the feminist movement and how women of color have been left out of the process. I understand that more now. I am really sad that I may have added to their feeling of being excluded. "

Patricia still feels very passionate about her fight for equal pay:

"The issue of pay inequality is really important because experts say it will take 40 years for that gap to close. We don't have 40 years to wait. There are tens of millions of single mothers right now in this country, and 75 percent of all low-wage earners are women, many of whom are trying to feed kids."

You rock, Patricia! You live and you learn, and you chose to really and truly learn. Knowledge is power, and hopefully by spreading more of it around, we can learn how to be incredible allies and fight for what is right!

[Source: Cosmopolitan]


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