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The wealth of Disney characters that could appear in Kingdom Hearts 3 is bordering on the ridiculous. There are so many different films to choose from, and we can't wait to see who made the cut on the game's release date. But who would be your ultimate pick? Which film do you desire to see in Kingdom Hearts 3 more than any other? It can be hard to choose.

But something that we all desire is a sidekick. As you venture from world to world, slowly defeating the darkness and getting ever closer to achieving your ultimate goal, who would you want by your side? Let's take a look at some of the best possibilities for party members in Kingdom Hearts 3, and some of the Disney characters that would be absolutely useless.

Kingdom Hearts 3 - The Best & Worst Disney Characters We Could Have As Party Members

Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

Where to begin?! Just so you know, the following selections represent our own personal choices for who to keep and discard from Disney's oeuvre (and Pixar's). If you have any alterations you'd like to make, or some characters you'd like to include, please let us know in the comments. We'd love to hear from you!

The Best Of The Best

  • Merida - It's a pity that one of Pixar's lesser films featured one of their best characters. Merida is a tough woman, and an expert archer. We'd love to have her on our side in Kingdom Hearts 3!
  • Pocahontas - With a keen understanding of the natural world and the ability to be a complete badass, Pocahontas would be a perfect party member.
  • Robin Hood - One of my favorite movies as a kid, Robin Hood needs to feature in Kingdom Hearts 3!
  • Baymax - This guy would be perfect. We've no idea what capacity Big Hero 6 is featuring in KH3, but we hope Baymax is a companion!
  • Flynn Rider - Him and his frying pan. That's all we need.
  • Stitch - 6 arms, lazer guns, and an insane temper, Stitch would be an awesome companion!
  • Elsa - Frozen has yet to be confirmed for Kingdom Hearts 3, but with it's popularity we're sure to see Elsa in there somewhere - why not as a party member?!
  • Jack Skellington - Halloween Town was always one of my favorite worlds in Kingdom Hearts, and I'd love to see Jack Skellington leave it to help us on our quest!
  • Buzz Lightyear - One of Pixar's greatest characters. I think we all want a bit of Buzz in KH3.
  • Baloo - You may not think he'd be of much use, but I don't care. I want Baloo on my team, damn it!
  • The Sultan - I just want to see him fight. Make my day, it would.

Fairly Useless

Hang in there.
Hang in there.
  • Carl Fredricksen - One of the most beloved animated characters of all time, Carl wouldn't be much use in a fight, but I'd love to stop by his house for a chat.
  • Mike Wasowski - While Billy Crystal's character wouldn't be much use in a fight, we could do with a bit of his humor!
  • Dumbo - As cute as Dumbo is, I can't exactly see him taking on the darkness.
  • Wall-E - My favorite. I love this little guy. While he may be useless in a fight, I really want him in KH3!
  • Prince Eric - What's your ability, Eric? To forget the face of your true love? Yeah, no thanks.
  • Buck Cluck - Useless.
  • Scuttle - Unless you want a load of noise to follow you around on your adventure, I'd leave Scuttle behind.
  • Chi-Fu - What a whinge bag. No one needs this on their team!
  • Mr. O'Malley - He'd be useless, but I'd bring him along for some of that sweet jazz.
  • Iago - Another loud bird. No thanks.
Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 3

So there's our list. Who would you add?


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