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On chapter 6 of Dragon Ball Super Manga, It has been announced that there will be a tournament between universe 6 and universe 7.

Dragon Ball Super,Manga Chapter 6
Dragon Ball Super,Manga Chapter 6

Teams will consist of 5 fighters

The rules ended up being the same as the Tenkaichi Budokai:

contestants lose if they surrender or fall from the arena, killing is against the rules, weapons and performance-enhancing drugs are prohibited, and (per Vegeta’s suggestion) a simple written test will be conducted ahead of time

From Universe 7 the 5 fighters will be- Goku,Vegeta,Picollo,Buu and a Mystery Fighter. ( Who will be the mystery fighter? - )

At the end we get hints that, Champa’s team will also feature Saiyans.

Now everyone’s curious to know what type of Saiyans we might see on Champa’s side..

Well, if they do bring Saiyans there are many possibilities. I’ll try to mention all the possibilities out there even the unlikely ones.

1. Bardock:

If they want to make ssj Bardock canon this could be the right opportunity. We know when Frieza destroyed planet Vegeta. Bardock had an accidental time travel and got transferred to old planet Vegeta which was back then known as Planet Plant. He eventually goes super and destroys Frieza’s ancestor chilled. Could it be that he got transferred to universe 6? Then after he learnt to go super he may have taught it to other saiyans and the saiyan race prevailed? This could happen because as shown, the planet earth of Universe 6 is absolutely different than universe 7. So, it’s a possibility that the Planet Vegeta wasn’t destroyed and the saiyan race continued led by Bardock. For Bardock to appear there has to be strong plots and reasoning’s to be displayed which will be very hard.

2. Legendary Super Saiyan:

Could it be broly of universe 6 or could it be a different version of broly from universe 6? I mean could it be someone else who is a legendary super saiyan?
The Legendary Super Saiyan
The Legendary Super Saiyan

If the saiyan race prevailed then let’s go to a theory where a legendary super saiyan wasn’t commanded to be killed when he was a baby. He grew up normally,trained and has full control over his powers. It would surely be deadly! And fans would love to see legendary super saiyan vs super saiyan god/ blue battle.

3. Future Trunks:

Future Trunks Slices Frieza
Future Trunks Slices Frieza

Many fans are commenting that it can be Future Trunks. I don’t quite see the logic behind it. But, still I just thought I should include it anyway. Could it be that they became a part of universe 6 because of time violation? In Dragon Ball Xenoverse there’s time patrol and stuff you know. And about strength it’s quite possible for Trunks to be matching Goku and Vegeta currently.

4. Super Saiyan God/Blue:

Universe 6, could bring saiyan’s who are also super saiyan god/blue. But, has more control over it. However, I don’t think that would be interesting.

5. Vintage Saiyans:

Deadly+Powerful Saiyan Race
Deadly+Powerful Saiyan Race

Saiyans who didn’t go super. But, has immense control over the ape transformation. Might be like they don’t require tails or moons to transform and their speed don’t decrease.

6. Female Saiyans:

Another Possibility is that we could see some powerful female saiyans. I bet a group of fans would love that too. Their techniques shall be superior and deceiving. It will be refreshing. However, I am not in favor of introducing female saiyans.

7. Alternate versions of Goku and Vegeta:

Many think that there could be saiyans similar to Goku and Vegeta. Like Goku is evil and stuff. While vegeta is peace loving, I sure as hell don’t want something like that to happen. There’s only one Goku and one Vegeta. Seeing similar something would be irritating.
Goku's body possessed by Ginyu
Goku's body possessed by Ginyu

8. Furious Saiyan Race:

This Saiyan race could be shown to be absolutely merciless and animalistic. They just kill and destroy planets without any logic or even personal gains. I know all the Saiyans destroyed planets but what I am talking about is like 10 times more furious. And that becomes a matter of concern. Because, if universe 7 lose then earth gets exchanged with universe 6 which those Saiyans might threaten to destroy. Making the tournament a bit more serious, and even if 7 lose we could have an interesting adventure as U7 fighters try to protect earth from the evil Saiyan race.

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