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From the ancient times, men have fighted for their right of solving their own issues. In the other side, Gods have alwaays looked for the veneration and they have never had confidence on men's way.

Superman Vs Batman is a revision of the old myth. Superman represents the god's power, the ancient wisdom and the all powerful. Batman is the human race, with it's imperfections, dark sides, it's justice oppinion and it's human being.

I hope the upcoming movie was able to talk deeply about those two ways of seeing the justice, as it's not a comic book movie, is one of the most ancient myths the human race has ever written about.

The green and orange coded city represents the human race, the blue sky, the sea and the moon the justice from the higher beings. The composition is almost full balanced for bringing a sensation of equality in the fight. The fighting techniques are as different as the characters themselves. Superman is straight, but Batman uses human treats, wraps Superman with his cape and hides the Kryptonite knife from the sight of his nemesis. The clouds in the background try to make the same wrapping effect on the sky than the Batman's cape on superman.

The battle looks so unbalanced on the direction of superman, as he flies and the world is twisted down, but when Batman stabs Superman with the knife the result will be the only possible, death for both.

It means that the only possible winner on this battle is the injustice.


What do you think the Dawn of Justice script will be like?

Landscape cut for the illustration.
Landscape cut for the illustration.
Painting details for Superman and Batman faces.
Painting details for Superman and Batman faces.

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