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There have been a lot of fictional designs from Star Wars that we nerds have dreamed of owning. Whether that be a lightsabre, a DL-44 blaster or a landspeeder, we have all dreamed of possessing them at least once in our life (or everyday for some). While these are all impossible, it looks like we are closer to creating a Death Star than a Gonk droid. Yes, you heard me correctly, a Death Star!

Brian Muirhead, an engineer who is currently working on NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission, has revealed that the Galactic Empire did things the hard way.

In an interview with Wired, Muirhead said that the Empire should have simply terraformed an asteroid as the metals and organic compounds would already be there.

He added that an asteroid contains metals, organic compounds and water, "all the building blocks you would need to build your family Death Star". If we knew of this years ago Armageddon could have had one hell of a twist, and Bruce Willis would be alive and in control of a Death Star.

It's worth noting that NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission will see a robot land on an asteroid and collect a boulder from the surface, which will later be collected by Astronauts who will take samples. Could NASA build a Death Star?


Which fictional object would you like to own from the Star Wars universe?


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