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The EU has send a proposal on Wednesday stating that it wants to make Netflix, Inc. accessible for consumers who wish to travel within Europe temporarily.

Netflix’s one big disadvantage is that it requires an internet connected but it provides excellent portability measures for its users. Viewers can easily access and stream Netflix Inc. content on their television, set top boxes, streaming boxes, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Such portability is still not enough for the Europeans. The recent news suggests that the European Union is looking for opportunities to allow and get approval of border free access to content subscription services.

It is believed that the European Union wants to get an approval from the content subscription services such as Netflix, Sky, Canal+, and many others to grant viewers access to their desired subscription if they like to travel within the boundaries of 28-member bloc. This would not only increase the demand of the streaming service in these regions but will further ignite the battle between streaming companies and media groups as well. The executive of the European Commission came up with a proposal and presented it on Wednesday.

The proposal also had a ‘longer term’ strategy that would make things easier for copyrighted content and material. Due to these copyrights issues, the EU wants the company to make content streaming services accessible all across the EU.

Fortune reported that this move is ‘likely to run into stiff opposition from the media industry as well as from artists’. “Letting people take online subscriptions abroad chimes with Brussels’ aim of tearing down borders in the online world and is reminiscent of its efforts to allow use of domestic mobile phone subscriptions abroad without paying hefty roaming charges,” it adds.

The proposal mentioned that consumers who have subscribed to services such as Netflix, Sky TV, Sky TV Now, or ProSiebenSat.1MaxDome TV from any part of the EU would be allowed to stream and view content for which they have paid for whenever they plan to travel abroad.

The commission vice president of the digital single market, Andrus Ansip, stated that people who are willing and getting subscriptions for content films, music, books, football matches, or TV shows must be allowed to easily access them if they wish to travel in Europe. The proposal mentioned that people who ‘temporarily’ travel abroad would be offered this option. This term was left open and it is still unclear what ‘temporary’ traveling means here.

It is believed that the EU will ask companies to set restrictions and limitations according to their needs so that there is no abuse of this feature in the coming times. Furthermore, if there are no restrictions then people might start buying services from other countries at cheaper rates.


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