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It's here. The [X-Men: Apocalypse](tag:1194267) trailer we've been waiting months for just dropped, and it seems to be going down pretty well. Catch the trailer below if you've been too busy actually working to spare two minutes yet...

Ready? Good. Let's take a look at the five big takeaways from this first proper tease of Bryan Singer's upcoming epic.

1. Jean Grey has a vision...

At Professor X's academy, Jean Grey wakes up in a state. "I saw the end of the world," she tells Charles. "I could feel all this death..."

Is this the first time Jean has had a vision? Could her telepathic abilities prove crucial to the mutants' fight against Apocalypse? Charles reassures her that the dream meant nothing. He'll come to regret those words.

2. Caliban proves invaluable

What do we have here? In some kind of bunker we see a cloaked Apocalypse meeting with Caliban (Tomas Lemarquis) and Storm (Alexandra Shipp).

Considering that Caliban's unique mutant ability is the tracking of other mutants, it seems fair to guess that he's responsible for bringing Storm to Apocalypse. Is he about to use persuasion to recruit her for his Horsemen - or less ethical methods?

Perhaps a more pressing question: Why is Caliban himself not one of the Four Horsemen, considering his value to Apocalypse?

3. Taking it back... way back...

A crucial part of Apocalypse's back story is how he soaked up the powers of Earth's earliest mutants to become the most powerful of all, and if this shot in the trailer is any indication...

...we'll be travelling way, way back to ancient Egypt to revisit the origins of En Sabah Nur. That's pretty important, because the only way we're going to buy that Apocalypse is such a threat to our powerful mutants is if we see for ourselves just how that power came to be. Singer did well.

4. "You are all my children..."

Sounds like somebody has a God complex going on. Apocalypse's chilling voiceover, presumably directed at Mystique, Storm and the younger mutants, warns of being "lost" as a result of following "blind leaders".

If you thought Charles and Erik's approaches to the survival of mutantkind were different, sounds like that has nothing on the gulf between Charles and this new, old God-like supervillain. There's a hint of menacing propaganda to the big bad's words.

5. Magneto appears torn

Having already recruited Storm - presuming what we're seeing is vaguely chronological - Apocalypse meets with Magneto in a neon-lit room...

"I'm here for you", he tells the magnetic mutant. First Class and Days of Future Past were all about the struggle between Magneto and Charles, two old friends with one goal but very different methods. Does Erik share Apocalypse's vision for the future of the world?

6. Mystique takes charge

"The world needs the X-Men," Hank tells Raven. "That's why I'm here: to fight," she responds coolly. It seems that, after a brief flirtation with the dark side, Mystique is determined to take charge of the mutants - even if it's a fight to the death... and she's looking pretty badass in the process.

7. The mutants are suited and booted

Here we see Jean, Nightcrawler and Cyclops amid a scene of total devastation. Has Apocalypse already wreaked his havoc?

There may be some questionable fashion choices going on in this film - yes, I'm looking at you, Apocalypse, with your shiny plastic coating - but the mutant army look seriously badass in their futuristic armour.

8. The CGI...

I present this screengrab without comment.

There's still time to polish some of this up, right?

9. And last, but certainly not least...

Charles' all-important transformation is complete in the trailer's closing shot. There's something surreal, almost unsettling about seeing James McAvoy without his hair, but it feels like a fitting way to signal in a new era for the mutants. This man is, after all, probably their greatest hope for survival.


How do you feel about the X-Men: Apocalypse trailer?


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