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Inhumans have all ready been introduced in Agents of Shield and Marvel Studios truly hates Marvel TV!

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I have been a fan of Agents of Shield after The Winter Soldier episode. The first half of season one was horrendous, and since then the show has steadily improved to the point of being the third best show on Tuesday night. The point I am trying to make is why waste over 200 million dollars on a movie where a show has all ready gone five years before the trailer will even hit theaters. I have been watching recent episodes and where the show seems to be going is introducing the royals ( Please I know X-men are owned by Fox and that they are a cash cow, so please do not insult my intelligence, but this is the internet so insult away) because how else are they supposed to kill Lash ( seriously I mean this guy deserves his own movie how bad ass he truly is)? The Inhumans are the X-Men ugly friend that you only bring on a date so her/his friend will have company. Think Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes in the beginning of The First Avenger. I am sure that Marvel Studios could make a remarkable movie without a doubt, but why make a movie when in reality they only would use about five or six characters in any other given movie they make. The King(Blackbolt) in the Inhumans cannot speak, how annoying the voice over would become with every thought that comes to mind. I love Marvel and DC, I am a true fan of both as long as the stories are interesting and somewhat faithful adaptations. The Royals cannot be introduced on Agents of Shield ( if they were to be then they'll never be in the movies, which is a shame because i love Quake), therefore the brain trust at Marvel could introduce the main players in so many different ways, and still be part of their cinematic universe. The Inhumans will fail because they're on ABC all ready and they're rip-offs of the X-men ( Technically they are not, but people will not see it that way.

How to Introduce the X-Men in the MCU without rebooting?

Okay here is the tricky part because if you are like me, then you love the new X-Men movies. Also the MCU does not need the X-Men, this is purely from a fan perspective that would love to see Wolverine and Spider-Man teasing one another. Spider-Man would tease Wolvie on his hygiene, and Wolverine would tease Parker on just about anything. What most people do not understand is how easy it would be to introduce Mutants in the real MCU not Fox's MCU ( I know it is real TRICKY , but a lot of people just do not understand that Marvel almost went bankrupt and had to sell some of there most prized film properties). If the MCU ever wanted to introduce mutants without rebooting, all they would have to do is say they have been sippping Gin N' Juice in Genosha hiding out. This would make perfect sense since ( It might not since Thor appeared and the Hulk, why not just come out? We will see after Civil War) they're a different species Homosuperior and most certainly would be hunted. Marvel could still do all the back stories like Wolverine and they could just say it was all done in a secretive government agent like every other trope in entertainment. Scarlet Witch could be given her own movie called " Scarlet Witch: M Day" and as she becomes omnipotent she merges the two worlds together and now we have mutants and use the new cast if they are talented ( this is very unlikely I mean women superhero movies do really bad just look at the three they tried SMH). There's different ways of doing this of course like the Reality Stone, or Dr. Strange travels into a different world and screw things up. By introducing the X-men into the real universe ( a lot of people say that it will be too jam pack and too much to digest. Well people we are all ready here with all these movies why not have them all come from one universe.) we can finally have both arms untied and finally have all the villains to utilize.( The only reasons we want the Fantastic Four back are for the rights of some characters.) There is only one bad thing about Marvel owning the rights, NO MORE DEADPOOL being Rated R and I do not know if this is worth him trading quips with Spidey. This will never happen, but we can dream. I have a sense that you dozen or so people that read my post are bored now, so have a great day, comment, and follow me @KurtArthur12 on Twitter.


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