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The Walking Dead has had its fair share of memorable characters since its premiere in 2010. From savage men with moral codes to devilishly sly cannibals, a clever pizza boy and a katana-wielding badass, it seems like there is room for every kind of character on this show. Case in point, one of the best characters (in my opinion) on the show came in the form of a lovable but dangerously confused little girl by the name of Lizzie Samuels. Wonderfully played by a young and talented actress, Brighton Sharbino, Lizzie gave us one of the most heart wrenching episodes of the series in Season 4, 'The Grove.'

Earlier this month at the New York/New Jersey Walker Stalker Con, I was lucky enough to sit down with Brighton and pick her brain a bit about her many experiences both on and off the show.

Me - How old were you when you first started the show?

First and Last Scenes on TWD w/ Kyla Kenedy (Mika)
First and Last Scenes on TWD w/ Kyla Kenedy (Mika)
Brighton - I was 10 years old. In the fourth season, the mid-sesaon finale I turned 11 and then I did a flashback scene [Tyreese's hallucinations] where I was 12. And now I'm 13.

What was it like to be on the show?

Let's Play Tag!
Let's Play Tag!
It was really cool because I got to meet all the cast and crew and got to work with them. And my character was really interesting because there's not many roles for crazy characters especially for little girls. So it was really different and I had a fun time playing it.

So you knew what you were getting into going into the role?

Not exactly. They kinda told me a little bit about my character. I had no idea exactly what I would be doing. But I knew she was a little bit crazy.

How did you prepare for the role, considering you said it was such a crazy role for a younger person to play?

..... yeah......
..... yeah......
I tried not to get into that mindset of her because you don't want to carry that home and you don't want to become a person who thinks like that... especially when you're playing that type of character. So I would just try and understand her really well, have a good understanding and portray that as well as I could. I also tried to think about my emotions and how I would react, and then think how she might react and fuse that.

Now that the group is in Alexandria, how do you think Lizzie would fit into a town like that?

I haven't seen the new episodes. I'm not caught up, so it's like a regular town?

It's a community with protective walls and they are more sheltered than the normal group.

Feeding Time!
Feeding Time!
I think she would cause some chaos because she was causing chaos in a more civilized place like the prison. She was feeding the walkers, killing rabbits and stuff so... yeah (laughs).

What has your experience been like working these conventions? You've been to a few now, what's it like meeting all the fans and seeing that everyone loves you as a character?

Brighton @ a panel / Meeting Salt-n-Pepa
Brighton @ a panel / Meeting Salt-n-Pepa
It's amazing! It's so cool to get to meet people in person. Like there are some people I would follow on Instagram and I meet them... And Everyone is so sweet. It's just amazing, it's like a big family where everybody knows about you and everyone loves you. It's awesome!

What else do you have coming up? Do you have anything coming out in the future that we'll see you in?

I just short a movie and it's coming out March 18. It's called Miracles From Heaven with Jennifer Garner, Queen Latifa and Martin Henderson

It may have something to do with meeting both Brighton and Kyla (Mika), but going back and watching that episode still tugs at my heart strings. I really have to commend not just Brighton but all the actors and everyone involved with that episode for creating such an unforgettable part of television history. If this show is any indication, Brighton is going to have a bright future and I can't wait to see what she will do next.


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