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There has been a big controversy surrounding the latest trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice and that it "showed too much, and spoiled the entire movie".

There have been many times where people have claimed that the trailers have showed too much and then the movie made a curve-ball and people realized that the didn't show too much. There are a lot of things that haven't even been touched upon in the trailers and here are a couple of examples:

1. Where is Aquaman (who's confirmed to have a cameo with Jason Momoa playing him)?

2. Who is Jena Malone playing (is she even in this movie)?

3. Who is Scoot McNairy playing?

4. Why is Wonder Woman there (she is in the party for instance that is shown in the start of the trailer, she isn’t just magically appearing at the fight)?

5. Where is Vic Stone? Will he become Cyborg in this?

6. What about the bandage on Lex's hand?

7. When and how will he become bald?

8. Will we see the mechsuit for instance?

9. Why is Superman behind him when he says “The Devil will do it”?

10. How will they fight Doomsday?

11. Will Doomsday kill Superman in this? And if so, will Superman come back in the same movie?

12. Is Flash going to have a cameo, and if so where is he?

13. What happen to Wayne Manner?

14. Is Aquaman causing the flood?

The biggest criticism is that they showed Doomsday in the trailer and the shot with the trinity assembled and that these are considered "Spoilers". First of all, the trailer was released on a late night show that is aimed mostly at casual moviegoers and "average joe's" who doesn't spend their days on comicbook-sites like CBR or follow movie talk-shows like Collider Movie Talk on YouTube.

Most of these guys doesn't know who Doomsday is or what the significance is with that character in the movie, to them he is just a brute and a big pile of muscles made for the trinity to fight against.

My second argument is about the critique that we saw the trinity assembled together for the first time. We already knew that Batman and Superman would team-up eventually in the movie because the name of the movies isn't just Batman v Superman, it is also called "Dawn of Justice" - a prequel to the Justice League. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who have followed this movie that they are going to resolve their problems and team-up. Did any of you who criticize this trailer also criticize Marvel when they showed the Avengers assembled in their promotional material? Did that moment in the trailers ruin your movie-going experience?

If it didn't - then you are hypocrites.


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