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I found this action movie very up-close and intense, the story starts in a southeast Asian country which can be anywhere. A group of rebels armed with weapons stage a coup attack on the prime minister's palace, after he's just had talks with a foreign businessman. One of the palace's employee's hear's shooting and screaming coming from the prime ministers quarters. on entering the Room, the worker meets up on armed men standing over the dead Body of the prime minister. knowing that he also would be killed. he's draws out his hidden knife and cuts his own throat.

However, this Happened 17 hours earlier. when in the next scene we see Jack dwyer ( Owen Wilson ) an American civil Engineer and his family on a flight to the same southeast Asia, with his wife Annie ( lake Bell ) and two young Daughters Lucy ( sterling Jerins ) and Beeze played by ( Claire Geare ) It's not a vocation for the Family, But a career changing experience for Jack. whose a specializes in Water Systems. At they're arrival coming through customs the family meets Hammond ( pierce Brosnan) a British man a fellow passenger from the same flight.

Being a seasoned visitor to the country, Hammond offers Jack and family to travel with him in his friends Taxi, realizing that it's they're first time visit to the country. On Arrival at the Hotel, the family notices that nothing seems to work in they're apartment. So Jack returns to the hotel's front desk for information about the problem, only to be informed that the whole city is with out electricity supply. On hearing this, Jack wonders over to the Hotel's Bar and orders a drink. Only to be joined by Hammond (Brosnan) they share into a social Chit-chat while drinking. Hammond expresses that Jack will love this country because he Hammond has been visiting here for many years.

In the next scene, the action steps-up a Notch when the Next day Jack goes out to buy a USA TODAY NEWSPAPER' and while reading , his old issue. he notices a group of police in riot gear, down the road and in the opposite direction there's a large group of demonstrators with stones and weapons. Jack realizes that this is a Stand-off Between the two opposing groups. and tries hurriedly to reach Back to his hotel. on his way Jack witnesses seeing dead bodies of police officers and civilians all over the place.

On his arrival at the hotel, jack witnesses an American tourist Being executed by the same rebel demonstrators, at this point jack realizes that the country has Gone into some kind of civil-war, and his only aim is to get his family to safety or if possible out of the country. This movie never get's boring great story and Brilliant directing . The screenplay was written by two Brothers Jack Erick Dowdle and Drew Dowdle. The movie was directed by John Erick Dowdle. the movie was released on August 17. 2015 if you haven't seen it yet, and you're an action fan like me, this is the movie for you. a real must see. great performances by Owen Wilson and former James Bond star, pierce Brosnan and other cast members.


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