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If you're a hardcore gamer and a huge nerd like me, you've probably played the Batman: Arkham Series by Rocksteady. With the recent June 2015 release of the hit game Batman: Arkham Knight for next-generation consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) and PC, the beloved Arkhamverse came to an epic close.

However, there are numerous easter eggs throughout Gotham City for superheroes such as the Flash, Aquaman, Superman, Booster Gold, Green Arrow, and John Constantine to name a few. The burning question on everybody's mind is whether or not these easter eggs were put into the game as nods to the characters, or if these ester eggs confirm their existence within the Arkhamverse.

What do I mean by this?

Teaser image for the Riddler, Batman Arkham City
Teaser image for the Riddler, Batman Arkham City

My point here is that MAYBE we'll see an extension of the Rocksteady Arkhamverse through other superheroes. We've seen easter eggs, and those easter eggs may or may not confirm their existence in the Arkhamverse, but will it go on? If Rocksteady wants to keep making money off of the quality games they're making, they would extend the Arkhamverse to different superheroes.

The 100% Ending to Batman: Arkham Knight (SPOILERS AHEAD)

Bruce Wayne leaves the cowl atop the GCPD, next to the Bat-Signal, and travels to his mansion to fully initiate "The Knightfall Protocol". News, and swarms of people are standing outside of his mansion, watching Bruce enter his mansion with Alfred waiting at the doorstep. Alfred asks if Bruce is sure he wants to do it, and Bruce tells him that he is. The mansion blows up and Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, and the Batman are all PRESUMED to be dead, because it's never confirmed.

After this scene, we see Commissioner Gordon going to Barbara Gordon, his daughter, and Tim Drake's wedding, (or maybe a proposal to Barbara) because Gordon gets a text from Tim saying, "Don't forget the ring."

Later, we see two thugs robbing a family in an alley, looking very similar to Bruce Wayne's parents. After this we can see the silhouette of a figure standing atop a building looking very similar to Batman, but he's been presumed to be dead. The thugs proceed to tell the figure that Batman is dead. The figure appears to row taller, and it's wings spread, looking like a hallucination from Scarecrow's fear toxin. The figure flies toward the screen, and the screen goes black, leaving us thinking about what had happened and what it meant for the future of the Arkham Series.

Background of the Arkham Series

The 2009 release of Batman: Arkham Asylum gave gamers and Batman fans an amazing experience with an interesting story, classic villains, and Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamill as the Joker. It was an amazing game when it came out, and left players stunned with what you could do in that game.

In 2011, the sequel Batman: Arkham City was released. It was a further continuation of the story told in Batman: Arkham Asylum. It was considered much better than the first, and it introduced new villains to the story as well as new game mechanics, such as more gadgets, a larger map, and better gliding controls.

In 2013, the third game in the series was released, Batman: Arkham Origins came out. Rocksteady had nothing to do with this game, however, but it was WB Montreal that was mainly in charge of the game. It told the origin story of how Batman encountered most of his villains. Most of the game mechanics within Batman: Arkham City were brought back, only leaving us with a 'Fast Travel' mechanic and a map approximately two times larger than the one within Batman: Arkham City. This game was considered the "worst" in the series, but it still proved to be a very good game with its interesting origin story and an excellent plethora of villains within the game.

As we all know, Batman: Arkham Knight was released this year and was considered a major hit. It introduced many new gaming features, and the best story the Arkhamverse has seen since Batman: Arkham City. The introduction of the ability to drive the Batmobile was something the fans have been asking for since the announcement of the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum. However, PC gamers don't find the same satisfaction with this game due to the major bugs and glitches upon its release.

What Superheroes Could Another Game be Based On?

I've come up with six possible superheroes that could continue on the story of the Batman: Arkham series.


Clark Kent (Kal-El), aka "Superman"
Clark Kent (Kal-El), aka "Superman"

Superman, as we all know, is one of Batman's very close friends. Although he may be very overpowered, I have faith that Rocksteady could pull it off. One easter egg found in Arkham Knight is at Wayne Tower. A voicemail is left by Lex Luthor, discussing a business deal to sell Wayne Enterprises' Science Division to LexCorp.

Not only would the game expand on other events going on within the Arkhamverse, it could introduce many other classic Superman villains such as Doomsday, Bizarro, Metallo, Braniac, and General Zod.

The Flash

Barry Allen, aka "The Flash", New 52
Barry Allen, aka "The Flash", New 52

The Flash would be a very interesting character story for Rocksteady to tell. The TV show on The CW The Flash tells the story of the Flash and his enemies perfectly, including crossovers with another one of The CW's hit shows Arrow. Classic Flash villains, such as Gorilla Grodd, Killer Frost, Reverse Flash, Captain Cold, and Captain Boomerang, would be amazing additions to the Arkhamverse. Even some of his minor villains like the Trickster would get a huge spotlight, just like less popular Batman villains in the Arkhamverse such as Professor Pyg, Hush, Hugo Strange, and Firefly.

Green Arrow

Oliver Queen, aka "Green Arrow", New 52
Oliver Queen, aka "Green Arrow", New 52

The Green Arrow in recent years has become a very Batman-like superhero, especially with the New 52 comics and the CW TV show Arrow, where Oliver Queen/Green Arrow is portrayed by Stephen Amell. He has been confirmed to already exist, with the Queen Industries building and logos around Gotham. His introduction into the Arkhamverse would bring a lot more depth to the Arkhamverse and its story-line.


Dick Grayson, aka "Nightwing", Batman Arkham Knight
Dick Grayson, aka "Nightwing", Batman Arkham Knight

To me, Nightwing was my favorite character within Batman: Arkham Knight. We've never seen him within the main story-line of an Arkham game before (the Nightwing DLC for Batman: Arkham City doesn't count) until now. His character was portrayed amazingly, showing the comedic yet serious superhero we've come to know and love as Nightwing.

The spoiler ahead is another reason why Nightwing would make a good superhero to base a spin-off game from. Click "Reveal Spoiler" at your own risk...

If the 100% Ending to Batman: Arkham Knight DOES end with the death of Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson should take over as Batman, following the comics.


Tim Drake, aka "Robin", Batman Arkham Knight
Tim Drake, aka "Robin", Batman Arkham Knight

Robin was a significant part of the main story-line within Batman: Arkham Knight. He's Batman's sidekick! If there were to be a spin-off game about any character it should be him out of all of the characters that already exist within the Arkhamverse. Not only would he be very Batman-like, his spin-off game could possibly be able to explain the confusion behind the 100% Ending of Batman: Arkham Knight, and also the "special event" that had happened within the 100% Ending (read the 100% Ending Spoiler to find out what the "special event" was).

Red Hood

Jason Todd, aka "Red Hood", Batman Arkham Knight
Jason Todd, aka "Red Hood", Batman Arkham Knight

The following explanation can spoil a significant part of Batman: Arkham Knight. Click "Reveal Spoiler" at your own risk...

Our last time seeing the Red Hood is within the Red Hood DLC Story Pack, after he pushes Black Mask out of a window, telling him to go to hell, and "say hello to the Joker" for him (man that's an awesome line). We can only presume that he's fighting crime his way.

But his last appearance within the Main Story was when he helped Batman defeat Scarecrow by saving Batman. If he were to get a spin-off game, maybe it would go more in depth about his life as "The Red Hood." From what we got from the Red Hood DLC Pack, a Red Hood game by Rocksteady would kick some serious ass.


If Superman, Green Arrow, or Flash are shown to be legitimate characters, this could set up a Justice League game if the games do well enough. Not only would it set up those characters (Flash, Green Arrow, Superman) and other characters related to them, it could possibly set up a game in which we'd be able to play as other Justice League members, such as Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, and even Martian Manhunter! The very thought of that brings joy to my mind.

However, if Rocksteady would like to continue with the Batman story-line, Nightwing, Robin, or Red Hood would be their best bet.

In my opinion, either direction they go in would be a great step towards extension of the Arkhamverse. However, the Justice League concept would be too soon to introduce with only Batman, Nightwing, Robin, and (sometimes) Red Hood as established heroes.


Who do YOU think would be a great character to continue the Arkhamverse?


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