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The BFG has been one of my all time favorite kids' books ever since I read it back when I was little. To see Disney bring the book to life is more than magical, which is why I'm here to say that the teaser trailer does not disappoint! Its hauntingly beautiful shots and music are more than captivating. But for some of you, the trailer may be confusing. What is this movie? The BFG? What's the trailer all about? You've come to the right place my dear, lost friend. I'm going to breakdown the BFG trailer in all its majesty just for you.

The BFG Teaser Trailer:

The BFG Trailer Breakdown: Never Get Out Of Bed!

It's Harry Potter and the double-decker bus! Or wait...maybe it's just London.

London gets real spooky at night...because it's Disney, of course.

Speaking of spooky, the story starts in a freaky London orphanage.

The spooky orphanage is spooky; also, why is she the only girl that's wandering around at night?

It's the witching hour...which is why everything probably appears to be straight out of a horror story.

Cue creepy moon and birds...and the boogie monster. Wait, is this supposed to be a kid's movie?

There are creepy windows and creepy things lurking outside in creepy London. Well that's just a little creepy.

Let's set the clock forward; that's always the best move during the witching hour. WRONG! What are you doing little girl?

Creepy, blowing curtains cliche.

Little girl, you are making a rookie mistake. Haven't your parents told you to not read after your bedtime? Oh wait, you don't have any parents...

Wait what?! This is Disney? By gosh, I would have never in a million years guessed that this movie was being made by Disney.

Never get out of bed and never look behind the curtains says the little girl, who then promptly gets out of bed and looks behind the curtains. Do as I say, not as I do, right?

Directed by Indiana Jones and his Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Wow, that's not freaky and is genuinely normal. It's an optical illusion right?

And...he made eye contact. Little girl, I'd start running about now.

This, my friends, is our BFG - The Big Freaky Giant. What's with London and it's night terrors?

She's pretty much BFG snatched I'd say; boy, who do you think has bigger hands? The BFG or Michael Phelps?

That's it? What happens to the girl? Who's the BFG? Is this just a gender-swapped David and Goliath story? What happens next? No, Disney, no!

...But, boy howdy, how about that soundtrack? Congrats to John Williams with the epic score!

In all seriousness, what a gift from Disney! This movie already looks to be tremendous. They really delivered with this trailer and I'm more than pumped for this movie to sneak its way into the theater! As always, let me know what you think of the trailer below!


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