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So for those who were not aware, the new X-Men Apocalpyse trailer was released today and I think its ok to say that people are sounding very ok with it.

What I thought I would do is pick out my 10 favourite moments from it and share them with you. I chosen these because they were things that genuinely got me excited about the film. As a friend of mine pointed out today, this is how you do a trailer with 2 mins of footage and not give away any massive spoilers. Yes Batman vs Superman, we're all looking at you!

Right then on with the goodies.

1. This to me looks like Beast during the transformation from his human appearence. My theory with this is that he is being made to transform by Apocalpyse. He doesn't look the happiest in the pic and when he's transformed before it hasn't looked like this. Purely speculation on my part but this may be Apocalypse giving a demonstration of his power.

2. Old friends and new faces.

We get a look at 80's Mystique who looks very concerned about something. And we also get our first look at Nightcrawler and Jubilee. I'm really with how Nightcrawler looks and can't wait to see how they display Jubilee's powers. I hope she's not a really small part as she's popped up briefly in other small blink and you'll miss her scenes.

3. The Four Horsemen of Apocalypse.

Up next is the mutants that will be on the bad guys side during the moive. Whether thy will stay that way remains to be seen. I also wonder if they will stick to the names from the cartoons or if Apocalypse will name them something else.

4. Mystique takes charge.

During the trailer its made quite clear that Mystique is back to help out the X-men. I think that this is because Apocalypse kidnaps Xavier to do all kinds of nasty stuff to him (more on this later). She is seen giving the new kids a pep talk and also having a heart to heart with Beast, which will be a new way for the charater to interact with everyone and also interesting to see if she stays that way all the way through the film.

5. Dark times ahead.

As far as I can tell this is some of the new members after being caught by the Horsemen. That looks like Quicksilver in the middle, Jean just over to the right of the picture and Mystique in her blue form down the botom. This may be part a breakout sequence where Beast and Havok have to break them out. It doesn't like our heroes are going to get it easy throughout this film, which is great as I wouldn't want to see Apocalypse beaten too easily, if at all.

6. Three out of Four aint bad.

Once the trailer get into it we get to see 3 out of the 4 Horsemen displaying their powers. First we see Archangel. Gone are his feathery wings to be replaced with the metal version that you will know if you are a fan of the comics and cartoon series. He lets fly with some metal feathers that definitely would do some damage. Next is Storm, who makes her entrance by arriving by lightning bolt in one of the coolest moments this character has ever had on film. Then we see Magneto controlling lots of debris and throwing it in the same sort of direction that Archangel did. Sadly we don't get to see any of Psylocke's powers on display, hopefully we'll see some of these in a later trailer. If you've seen any of the clips of Olivia Munn in training for the film then you'll see she looks badass. I think with Apocalypse controlling them he will have amped up their powers, which would explain Storm taking a leaf out of Raidens book.

7. The Big Cheese, literally.

We get a much better look at Apocalypse this time round and it looks like he's had a few touch ups. He doesn't look anywhere near as purple as he did before which is only a good thing as maybe the internet give that subject a rest for a little bit. What we do get to see is him having a fight with Xavier where he changes his shape to a monstrous size. Again if you're a fan of the comics/cartoon this will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Now on the point of him fighting Xavier, it seems like Xavier is up on two feet running around during the scrap. I think that this will be the two big brains having a fight of the minds with Apocalypse trying to gain control of him and winnning for a period of time which would explain this

This looks like he has taken over Xaviers mind and is using Cerebro to scour the Earth for mutants, which probably isn't the top of everyones wish list.
This looks like he has taken over Xaviers mind and is using Cerebro to scour the Earth for mutants, which probably isn't the top of everyones wish list.

8. More new faces.

Above we have from left to right, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler and Cyclops played by Sophie Turner, Kodi Smit-McPhee and Tye Sheridan respectively. The uniforms that they are wearing look excellent and it looks like there will be no time wasted in throwing them straight into the firing line. There is a great line when Cyclops says " Some of us don't know how to control our powers" to which Mystique simply replies " Then don't!" Maybe she gets better at handing out the advice as the film goes on...

9. Go big or go home.

Right towards the end of the trailer we see some massive destruction being caused. I don't know what is causing this but my money would be on a suped up Storm causing merry hell with a litte but of help from Mother Nature. One thing is for sure, this film is most likely not going to be a quiet one and they are setting the scene for some epic action scenes taking place. Its is going to be interesting to see who ends up still part of Team Apocalypse and who won't make it. I really hope they don't defeat Apocalpyse at the end of the film and that he has a chance to come back again. If anyone at Fox reads this then maybe think about adding Mr Sinister in at some point down the line. Purely selfish reasons but he was my favourite villain in the cartoons.#

10. Someone's in trouble.

I added this one in because I missed it the first time I watched it. As Charles is saying that he has never felt power like it before, you see his eyes change completly black. If you look at the pic on the left you can see the whites of his eyes, and then on the right they are completely black. His face also changes as though he has just realised what has been done to him. My theory behind this is that we are seeing the beginning of something happen to him that is the cause of his hair loss. In a recent TV interview James McAvoy slipped up when he said that the cause of the hair loss was the result of Xavier going through something so painful that it makes him literally rip half his hair out. I believe this could be Apocalypse making Charles kill innocent people and the trauma is him fighting to take back control of his mind. This would also tie back in with the earleir pic of the fight with Apocalypse as Charles is getting a beat down.

So thats it. Those were my favourite moments from the trailer. What I loved about it was that even though there was plenty of stuff to look at, it left you asking more questions and making you use your imagination to come up with what will happen. Lets face it, when the film comes out wouldn't you rather go into it not knowing exactly what going to happen in the film... YES Batman vs Superman, we're still looking at you, now go back in the corner until we say so.

Now you didn't think that I would go without bringing up a certain shiny headed Professor did you?

Just look at him. He is one majestic S.O.B isnt he.

And that ladies and gentlemen is how you end a trailer!If you have any of your own theories then drop me a message as I'd love to hear them.#

For those who haven't seen it yet then for your viewing pleasure.

Thats all for now.

See you soon.


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