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After the success of it's predecessor X-Men: Days of Future Past, the 20th Century Fox owned franchise is firing up it's gears to start building up hype for Bryan Singer's next installment into the Fox/Marvel Cinematic Universe, X-Men: Apocalypse.

After much anticipation and even hate (regarding the pervious first-look at Oscar Isaac's portrayal of En Sabah Nur aka Apocalypse), the good people at 20th Century Fox studios have released the first full length trailer for the upcoming X-Film.

Go on ahead to check out our first looks at new mutants (Such as Jubilee, Psylocke, and Archangel), younger versions of previously seen mutants (Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, and Nightcrawler), and the return of some of our favorite X-Men (Charles Xavier, Magneto, Beast, Mystique, Quicksilver and more). All that's missing is Wolverine...

What's that you say? 2 minutes and 33 seconds of mutant goodness wasn't enough for you? Well then I'm glad that director Bryan Singer shares our same thoughts.
Shared exclusively through his Instagram page, Singer has released the first character poster for the anticipated X-Film, featuring an all powerful En Sabah Nur clutching a decaying skull.

"To Apocalypse or Not To Apocalypse..."
"To Apocalypse or Not To Apocalypse..."

Regardless of previous thoughts, I'm sure we can agree that our excitement or at least our curiosity for this film has grown immensely. I cannot wait to hear and/or see more from this film, in the coming months leading to it's premiere in Summer of 2016.

Now tell me, my X-Men...


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