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I grew up with the original trilogy and believe that Star Wars will be around for generations to come.
Rodney Grundmeyer

No matter what anyone says, I like George Lucas' work. He is the creator of this great franchise that we all came to fall in love with. Just because the sequels sucked for some, doesn't mean that everyone hated them. You have to realize that this universe he created is huge and that there are many types of alien species that he had to represent in these films. I can imagine that it can be very easy to write about a specific character, but even harder to bring that character to life on film in a way that everyone would enjoy watching that character develop.

In the case of Jar Jar Binks, a lot of people hated him in the prequels. However, did you ever stop to think that maybe he was created for everyone to hate. Especially since he was the one that voted for Palpatine to to have full emergency powers to wage war against the separatists. Because of that, the Supreme Chancellor was able to promote himself to Emperor and create an evil empire to rule the galaxy. All this time we thought that Uncle George wanted us to like this character, when in reality, he wanted us to hate Jar Jar Binks and despise him for destroying the Jedi order and allowing the Sith and the Empire to take control of the galaxy far, far away.

Another theory I have, is that maybe Jar Jar Binks was the puppetmaster behind Darth Sidious all this time.

You decide! What are your thoughts about Jar jar's position in the prequels?


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