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We all have actors that we love and adore. Not because we actually know them in real life, but rather through the timeless characters they brought to life on screen. As much as we hate it, sometimes these actors are not as nice in real life and leave many people disappointed. Fortunately, there are also celebrities that are genuinely amazing people outside their fantastic roles. These are the real heroes, rather than the ones in capes on the big screen. Let's take a look at some celebrities that will restore your faith in humanity!

1 & 2. Chris Pratt and Chris Pine

Let me just start off by saying that Chris Pratt is my favorite person ever to begin with. The dude's sense of humor is ridiculously lovable and the man is just as awesome in real life. Both him, and the super cool Chris Evans made a bet back in February in a game between the New England Patriots and his beloved, Seattle Seahawks. Pratt lost this bet and in turn he promised to dress up as Star Lord from Guardians of The Galaxy to raise money for sick kids . The pair ended up raising $27,000 for Seattle Children’s Hospital and Christopher’s Haven which is amazing! Kudos to the two Marvel actors.

3. John Malkovich

John Malkovich is a very likable dude. You may love him from films like Burn After Reading or Being John Malkovich, and he already may be a hero for you. But did you know that a couple of years ago, in downtown Toronto, he saw a man who was "bleeding profusely from the neck" and John Malkovich being the bad-ass he is, reportedly, "placed his hand and started applying pressure to the man's neck and didn't let go until the ambulance arrived." I know that sounds like something directly from a movie, but it actually happened!

4. Harrison Ford

Mr. Harrison Ford (Han Solo, Indiana Jones) is one of the greatest actors of our lifetime, and he's also a real life hero! He's become quite the hiker helper, saving two different hikers on two different occasions! One being a missing boy scout that was lost after joining a search party. The same year, Harrison also found a female hiker who had climbed the mountain but couldn't get down. He used his helicopter and brought the lady to safety. He also broke his ankle while filming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but he was a total boss about it and made a speedy recovery. A true legend. Ford will be reprising his role as real life her Han Solo in the upcoming Star Wars movie!

5. Brad Pitt

I know what you're thinking, of course Brad Pitt saved somebody. You would be right in thinking that, this man can do no wrong. While filming a 700 person scene for mega-blockbuster, World War Z, Pitt noticed a girl on the floor at risk of being trampled on. Luckily, Brad Pitt is a total hero and he picked her up and carried her to safety. I'm sure that extra will never forget that happening to her.

6. T.I

We don't hear much about T.I lately, but this is a story I never knew and I feel is a true act of real life heroism. T.I was going to Atlanta, GA, when he heard reports concerning a man threatening to commit suicide from a 22-story building. He recorded a video telling him that nothing could be so bad and offering to help and the guy agreed to step down. He chatted with the rapper for a while and was then taken to hospital for treatment. These kind of stories make me really happy, because some celebrities don't realize the influence they may have.

7. Kate Winslet

Possibly one of the most heroic stories on this list involves the incredibly talented actress, Kate Winslet. Whilst she was on holiday on Richard Branson’s estate in the Virgin Islands when the property was struck with lightening and set on fire. After her and her family were safe, Winslet heroically went back in and saved Branson's mother! How bad-ass is that!

8. Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel is a man that is no stranger to action, starring in some of the biggest blockbusters in Hollywood like; Guardians of the Galaxy, XxX and The Fast and Furious franchise. But one day while he was riding his bike, the car in front of him spun out of control and burst in to flames. Before the car went completely in flames, Diesel saved both kids and the driver of the car. A real hero.

So there you have it guys. Did you know most of these stories? I never heard of half of them! It really does go to show that some celebrities might be real life heroes and we might not know it.

Which celeb is your hero?


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