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Last time it was hard for me to make the Empire Strikes Back list because of so many good moments. This list was just as hard to put together because THERE IS NOT A LOT TO LIKE IN THIS MOVIE! Attack of the Clones is the Batman & Robin of the Star Wars franchise, it is hilariously bad filled with terrible CGI around every corner and laughable dialogue. I hate this movie mostly for two things: Hayden Christensen and the title. Where is this "attack of the clones?" The clones don't come to battle until the last twenty minutes of the movie. Okay well I still needed to find five good things to talk about and that wasn't easy so let's take a look.

5. The Slave 1 Starfight

Definitely one of the least impressive starfights but I don't deny that I enjoy how crazy it goes at times with the asteroids and bombs straight out of a StarFox game.

4. The Monster Fights

I think Lucas put all his good CGI into these monsters that come into the arena because they actually look pretty good. Most memorable being the Acklay (thing in the picture) which Obi-Wan takes out like a boss.

3. This Party's Over

Okay, this line alone makes up for Samuel L. Jackson's soulless performance from Phantom Menace. Small moment I know but this line makes me grin, I can't help it.

2. The Jedi Battle

This movie maybe very very very very very very boring but when there actually is action, it is actually pretty good action. That is definitely the case with when we finally see the Jedi do something other than sit around a room. Its a short battle but it is epic with Mace Windu kicking a lot of ass including Jango Fett's, Anakin is thankfully hardly shown, and once again Obi-Wan is all kinds of awesome.


Just like with Maul in the Phantom Menace, they decided to save their best for last and I can say that this quick fight scene between Yoda and Count Dooku mostly makes up for all the boring and annoying crap through this film. It already starts off pretty awesome with Yoda deflecting Dooku's lightning and talking like a badass but I remember as a kid, when Dooku says,

"It is obvious that this contest cannot be decided by our knowledge of the Force... but by our skills with a lightsaber." I knew what was about to happen and my jaw dropped to the ground. So then Yoda pulls back his robe, Force pulls his lightsaber into his hand and ignites it. From that point on its just awesomeness! THIS is what I wanted from the whole movie. Yes its a little ridiculous to see an obviously not Christopher Lee fight a CGI Yoda but at least it was fun to watch which is more than I can say for most of this movie!

So those were the Top 5 best moments from this trash film. Next we'll be moving onto the exact opposite in the franchise; in my opinion THE best Star Wars movie to date. Did you agree with this list? Let me know in the comments below!


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