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From About a Boy to X-men, Nicholas Hoult is still going strong as he prepares for his slate of 2016 movie releases. Hoult will be headlining the upcoming action-thriller Collide alongside Felicity Jones, who will be seen next year in the highly-anticipated movie Rogue One, one of the first of many spin-offs set within the Starwars film universe. Collide is directed by Eran Creevy, the director behind the British-thriller Welcome to the Punch which starred Mark Strong and James McAvoy.

Here's the plot synopsis:

"Collide" follows young US couple Casey (Hoult) and Juliette (Jones) who are plunged into a game of cat-and-mouse across Germany when they find themselves caught between two ruthless criminals (Hopkins, Kingsley).

The plot seems fairly easy to follow, and that's a good thing since the plot might not be a huge selling point for a film like this. The idea of a U.S. couple or an American running into trouble outside the states has long been used at a plot-starter for a number of action-thriller films which proceed to pit them against a criminal or organization that seems competent and intelligent, but nonetheless usually fail to bring down the hero/protagonist. In this case, Casey Stein is forced to channel his "Speed-Racer" skills to outrun a ruthless crime-boss and his goons to rescue his girlfriend who he willingly left in the care of a criminal that he used to associate with on a regular basis ( Why not just hire a babysitter instead? ).

You can play the "guess the ending" game with this kind of movie and the chances are that you might be right, but if you go to see this it will most likely be for the cast and the action scenes. Collide will probably go unnoticed until the reviews start pouring in and a longer trailer is released, if that even makes a difference with this type of movie. In terms of box-office, there is a good chance that it could get lost in a sea of more popular and anticipated releases, or enough people might gravitate towards a low-budget action-movie with a stacked cast and alot of car chases. Either way, we'll see what happens when this fortune cookie arrives in theaters.


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