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This past week Tt Games and Arthur Parsons have been giving us a ton of information regarding their upcoming game Lego Marvel's Avengers, there is a lot of cool and stuff in this game which were absent in their previous game Lego Marvel Superheroes. But, Tt Games listened to the fans are about to give us the best marvel game ever. The new things are:

Hub Worlds:

Looks great
Looks great

Tt Games recently released a new trailer in which they showed all the diifrent hub worlds in the game and each one of them looks awesome, they are big and are filled with a bunch of activities and side quest's. The hub worlds announced apart from New York are:

  • 1) Malibu
  • 2) South Africa
  • 3) Sokovia
  • 4) Asgard
  • 5) Washington D.C
  • 6) Shield Base Exterior
  • 7) Barton Farm

Each of the hub world is unique in its own way and is big. For example in Malibu, you can go inside Tony Stark's mansion and also roam outside, there are 3 floors in the mansion and you can go down to the armory and suit up just the way Tony Stark does in the movie for example when suiting into the mark 6 arms come out of the floor and suit Tony up, also in Asgard you can go into the throne room and roam around. Plus there is a remodeled New York City which has building's from the movies and from the comics like Sanctum Sanctorum and the Avengers tower and you can actually go inside in Avengers tower, with no load screens(cool!).

New Characters:

Gorilla Girl and Vision in the Throne Room
Gorilla Girl and Vision in the Throne Room

Some new characters were also revealed in the trailer and most of them were not in the previous game such as White Tiger, Diamondback,Odin,Trauma, Gorilla Girl and A-Bomb just to name a few and yes Gorilla Girl and A-Bomb can transform into their human form just like Hulk, plus there are 14 Iron Man suits and the suit up animations are great. There are also Giant Figures(not big,but bigger) in the game like Black Goliath and Fing Fang Foom who can become as big as 10 times the size of a normal character. Plus, Stan Lee has got new powers in the game, he can run super fast, he has a shield like Captain America does, a bow which shoots pencils and can swing. He can also transform into the Hulk and climb building and super jump. And yeah, Quicksilver can run on water.

New Vehicles:

Oh Yeah!!!
Oh Yeah!!!

Vehicles are an integral part of Lego Marvel's Avengers and there are lots of them in the game. The driving mechanics have been worked on and are better than the previous games. Some vehicles that were revealed are Lola( it can fly), Thanos Copter and Squirrel Girl Copter. There are of course more, plus when you get into a vehicle the other character automatically gets in it which is kinda nice.


There are dlc's in Lego Marvel's Avengers such as the Thunderbolt's pack and some additional characters and suits like Captain America's scuba diving suit which you get if you pre-order the game, is this a nod to underwater mission's and underwater content? We will have to wait and see. There is also a season pass available which gives you access to additional content.

New Gameplay Mechanics:

The gameplay mechanics are the same at its core with new features. The map is now a mini radar which shows you all things like races and side quests in the hub world, plus when you travel from one hub world to another you actually go to space and then chose where to go(kinda like in Batman 3) which is better than just going through a list and transporting there, plus the hub worlds are open and you can free-roam on the portable versions. The flight mechanics have also been worked on and give a better experience of flying. Co-op is very important in Lego games but don't worry if you are playing solo you can still get the same experience and the AI is better than ever. And yes,you have to become Moon Boy to ride Devil Dinosaur which is fine because it shows the importance of different characters like Tony Stark without his suits is still useful as he can fix certain objects and hack into security systems.

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[Lego Marvel's Avengers](tag:3645730) will release on 26 January 2016 on Xbox 360,PS3,Xbox One,PS4,WiiU,Vita,3DS and PC in America and 29 January 2016 in Europe.


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