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With the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm three years ago and the subsequent announcement of new Star Wars movies, many began to speculate towards Disney's involvement with another iconic LucasFilm franchise. The adventures of of the famed archaeologist Indiana Jones.

Much like Star Wars, the previous installment of Indiana Jones was a much-maligned disappointment with fans and critics alike but still a massive box office hit. Hopes are high that Disney can breathe new life into the franchise, and if they can please audiences with the Force Awakens than the general public, along with Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford will be very optimistic for another adventure with Indiana Jones. Maybe they can even bring former Raiders of the Lost ark and Empire Strikes Back writer Lawrence Kasdan back into the mix.

Steven Spielberg has recently opened up about the potential project stating that Indiana Jones will never be re-cast (as many speculated otherwise) and he would like to film the next installment before Harrison Ford turns 80. This has many reading the tea leaves that a formal Indiana Jones 5 announcement is right around the corner

So what would an archaeologist in his early 70's who's already discovered the Ark of the Covenant, Holy Grail, Temple of Doom and Kingdom of the Crystal Skull search for next? Well, I've put together a few ideas myself. Because some of these artifacts and potential discoveries are so well known, other mediums such as video games and comic books have concocted their own Indiana Jones plots around these ideas. However, since Disney can completely alter the Star Wars expanded universe canon I figure everything other than the plots of the first four Indiana Jones movies are up for grabs. So with that, here are my three Indiana Jones 5 plot pitches!


In 1971, Indiana Jones is relishing in his retirement, enjoying his afternoons of leisure, taking naps, reading books and writing a book of his own chronicling his life and adventures. One afternoon while napping on his porch he's surprised by several black vehicles in his driveway. At gunpoint armed government agents take Indy to a secret government facility where he's interrogated by high ranking CIA officials regarding his work on The Lost City Of Atlantis. Indiana Jones informs the agents that he gave up on Atlantis years ago when his quest hit a dead end, believing he was close to discovery but missing a key piece of the puzzle.

Somehow, Communist Dictator Fidel Castro has obtained detailed information on Indy's conquest of Atlantis and is obsessed with Indy's theory that the Bermuda Triangle is controlled by an ancient force that can hide the city of Atlantis and devour any vessel that comes close to it's discovery. Recently, the Cubans have discovered an ancient underwater road near the Island of Bimini in the Bahamas. The Cubans along with Soviet forces have amassed a large naval presence at the "Bimini Road" and are conducting strange experiments.

The CIA believes the Communists desire to discover Atlantis in the Bahamas and build a secret military base, cloaked in invisibility just a short distance from the United States. The CIA lures Indy out of retirement with the prospect of not only defending America against the Soviets but also finding Atlantis before his retirement.


Several years after the events of "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" Indiana Jones is on a classified joint operation with United States government and the Catholic church to not only secretly chronicle his discovery of the Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail, but to supervise the artifacts transition to a secret, specially built chamber under the Vatican.

While in Rome the church also asks Indy to survey an artifact currently on display called "The Shroud Of Turin" an artifact that many believe to be the burial shroud of Jesus Christ. With the shroud Indy is presented with the opportunity to view secret Templar scrolls not known to the public that were discovered with the Shroud. They are written in only symbols that have rarely been seen and can't be deciphered. Indy is captivated by the scrolls and requests to stay in Rome to investigate.

After a few days he cracks the code and briefs Vatican and US officials during a joint meeting in the Vatican archives that the scrolls reveal the general location of several holy artifacts. Two of them being the already discovered Ark of the Covenant and the Holy Grail. Among the others was one of great significance to the church. "The Spear of Destiny". Just as Indy is finishing his presentation a bomb goes off in the room and Indy is shot in the arm under a blaze of gunfire.

Several of the Vatican members in the room were imposters. They are members of the Steinadler (The Golden Eagle) a secret group of Nazis who have regrouped in the mountains of Argentina. Their radical Furher Andrija Rochman is a former Nazi leader obsessed with the Occult, much like Hitler, and believes with the Spear of Destiny he can rule the world. They flee the Vatican believing they've seen the exact location of the artifacts.

Steinadler Crest
Steinadler Crest

The Steinadler (Golden Eagle) made one fatal mistake. Leaving without the Shroud of Turin. The Templars have already discovered many of these Holy artifacts. During the crusades, they moved the discovered artifacts all over the globe to secret Templar hiding spots. Indy didn't get the chance to mention that the shroud should be placed in the tomb of Jesus at the spot of the resurrection and christened in a mass. This will reveal a secret map showing the exact current location of the Spear of Destiny and likely a massive Templar treasure as well. Indy heads to Jerusalem to find the actual tomb of Jesus in hopes that he can locate the spear of destiny before Andrija Rochman and the Steinadlercan.


Its been 13 years since Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood were married. Indy left his job as a professor at Marshall College and the newlyweds traveled the world for several years. In Australia they met an orphaned 5 year old aboriginal girl named Binda who they decided to adopt, Binda loves adventure and archaeology like her father and is a freshman at Marshall College. Indy was just invited by the brand new Museum of America in Washington (fictional Smithsonian) to be an honorary curator and they are creating a special exhibit highlighting his career.

At the opening Gala Indy is introduced to a wealthy Welsh Baron named Ector Lamorak who is very excited to meet one of his heroes in Indiana Jones. Baron Lamorak is one of the largest private collectors of antiquity in the world with a particular interest in Arthurian legend and has many questions about the rumors of Indy and the Holy Grail. Indy dismisses his questions by introducing his family, The young baron is visibly captivated by Binda who is quite beautiful and asks Binda if her father had told her his theory on Stonehenge and Excalibur then abruptly asks Indy why he was never able to prove his theory that King Arthur's sword Excalibur does exist. He tells Binda, the legend goes that Excalibur could open a portal to Camelot if brought to Stonehenge, Indy laughs and tells Binda that he's seen some crazy things but the the Camelot theory is ridiculous. The Baron tells Indy that he would like to give Indy a chance to prove his theory is false. The Baron happens to own several artifacts that Indy wasn'r given access to during his original quest ad they could supply the clues he needs to locate Excalibur. The Baron offers to also fund the search for Excalibur and let Binda tag along. Indy seeing Binda and Marion's excitement is about to agree to the quest with a handshake but when the Baron extends his hand he sees a familiar logo on the Baron's ring. It's the logo of the Order of Merlin, a modern day secret group of druids notorious for their obsession with magic and wizardry and participating in perverted rituals, rumored to even involve human and animal sacrifice. Indy immediately withdraws his hand and tells the Baron to stay away from his family and asks security to escort him out.

After the gala, Binda is furious with Indy. She was embarrassed by the scene Indy caused (and she is obviously smitten by the young Baron). Most of all she's furious that Indy denied her a opportunity that could've been so imapctful to her young career. Binda tells Indy that he's selfish, old and just like his father which visibly hurts Indy. Indy tells her how dangerous the Order of Merlin is and begs her forgiveness. Binda leaves in a fury but not before stealing Indy's work on the subject of Excalibur. The next day she meets with the Baron just before he leaves back home to Wales and begs for his forgiveness and another chance. She tells the Baron she has her fathers notes on the subject and that she is just as capable of finding Excalibur as Indy. The Baron agrees to hire her. Little does Binda know that in Arthurian Legend a woman in love must be sacrificed by her lover by Excalibur in order to gain access to the ancient realm. The Baron intends to not only use Binda to help her find Excalibur but to sacrifice her at Stonhenge. Indy knows of this legend but doesn't believe it. He does believe that Excalibur exists and he does believe that the Baron intends to seduce Binda and kill her for his insane obsession. Indy sets out to find Excalibur before the Baron without his notes on the subject and years out of the game.

So those are my crazy plot ideas for the next Indy film. If you have any ideas for adventures in Indiana Jones 5 (which I'm sure you do) comment below. What was your favorite plot



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